Teletubbies-Inspired Tubbyland Rave to Illuminate AREA 15: Nostalgia and Neon Aplenty!


In what can only be described as a nostalgic fever dream, the set for the evening of June 21 is the vibrant and pulsating world of the “House of Teletubbies: Tubbyland Rave,” taking place at the technologically thrilling entertainment hot-spot, AREA 15, situated just off the strip. This spectacular event is set to light up the interior of the arena known as The Portal, from the bewitching witching hour of 9 p.m.

The ambiance of the evening promises nothing short of magical, billed alternatively as a “whimsical journey filled with hypnotic beats and dazzling visuals” and “a colorful wonderland replete with immersive light shows, rhythmic music and interactive elements expected to keep the attendees in perpetual dance.” Your choice of which ambiance to subscribe to is left at your discretion.

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For those who haven’t a clue about the Teletubbies, allow us to backtrack to the years 1997 to 2001. The Teletubbies was a surprisingly popular children’s show from the BBC featuring lovable, colorful, plush young humanoids, each peculiarly equipped with antennae sticking out from their heads, shiny screens on their bellies, and an almost cute inability to speak any known language.

Fast forward to today, and the ardent fans of this show, now in their mid-twenties, are the perfect audience for such an offbeat rave.

Noah Kessler, the Head of Entertainment at AREA15, champions the cause by saying, “AREA15 is at the forefront of revolutionizing the rave experience by introducing themed events that blend nostalgia, creativity, and immersive entertainment. Our themed raves offer a unique and engaging way for guests to reacquaint themselves with beloved characters and stories, all while relishing in a high-energy nightlife atmosphere.” Despite Kessler’s corporately laced articulation of delight, one can’t be sure if he himself will join the crowd at Tubbyland dance floor.

The event welcomes revellers aged 18 years and above, while alcohol consumption will be served only to those who are at least 21. This age-restricted arrangement seems just right since anyone younger than 23 might simply scratch their heads at the spectacle.

The Tubbyland party is scheduled to wind down at 1 a.m. that following Saturday, June 22. Nosebleed-level tickets for the event are available and are starting at the bargain price of only $17.95. For a night under a colorful, neon-infused sky, dancing along to thumping beats, this is not only a travel down memory lane, but a transcendental experience into the futuristic world of AREA15.