Telegram Unveils Revenue-Generating Ad Feature, Boosts TON Token’s Growth


In a significant stride forward, Telegram, the acclaimed messaging platform predominantly famous for its high privacy standards, has opened up a new revenue generation avenue for users. Telegram recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature that allows users to leverage their channels through the power of advertising. This feature, transformative in its objective, enables users to buy advertisement space through Toncoins (TON) – the inherent cryptocurrency empowered by the TON blockchain.

Coming as a major source of joy for channel owners hoping to chalk up advertising revenue, this announcement by Telegram carries tremendous potential. It blazes a new trail by acknowledging that Telegram channels collectively feel the flurry of 1 trillion views, each month, radiating potential for untapped financial prowess.

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Fully grasping the magnitude of this opportunity, Telegram has gone a step further in rolling out a revenue-sharing model. This model is designed to empower channel owners who boast an echelon of at least 1000 subscribers, with the right to receive half of the ad revenue churned out from the advertisement banners brandished on their channels.

This decision to infuse the TON blockchain into the advertising feature was triggered by sundry considerations. One of the most notable reasons being the low transaction chargers, the unprecedented speed at which transactions occur, and the record number of transactions that can happen within a blink of an eye. All these attributes collectively make TON the blockchain of choice for ad payments. Now with just a smattering of Toncoins, anyone can promote their bot or product, choosing the precise channels where the ads will be shown, retaining absolute control to ensure maximum context.

Given the importance of fast and secure interchanges for ad payments and withdrawals, the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, explained that the TON blockchain would be deployed exclusively for these transactions. Hence, championing a circular system where content creators can either cash out their Toncoins or plough them back into promoting and scaling up their channels.

This development has injected renewed vigor into the TON token. Over the past day, the TON token has exhibited a bullish momentum by surging by over 5%, hitting a current trading price of $5.30, which is a cherry on top of its remarkable 100% price growth over the past month. The announcement has forged an increase in the TON trading volume which has rocketed to $234,869,370 over the last 24 hours, which is a staggering rise of 74% from its volume on Sunday according to CoinGecko’s data.

But there’s yet another silver lining for the TON token. It is nearing its all-time high (ATH) milestone of $5.69, which was achieved on March 25. With these new features incorporated into Telegram and the surge in trading volume, the token seems primed to set a new ATH if the demand escalates.

The token, however, does face a formidable resistance level of $5.45, previously failing thrice at the attempt to break through. Overcoming this level is crucial before new ATH levels can be encountered. According to the TON/USD 4-hour chart, if we were to witness a downward trend following this surge, the support level that could potentially provide a cushion lies at $5.26. So far, the price consistently shows an upward trend, painting a bright picture for its future prospects in the world of digital currency.