4 Dangerous Habits that Harm Your Teeth


By: Diana Smith

Not many people know that teeth – together with your brain, heart, bones and spinal fluid – are among the most valuable assets of your body. They don’t grow during your entire lifetime and cannot be replaced. Once your primary teeth are out, that’s it – you can’t have another set of teeth besides the ones that are already in your mouth, and if something happens to them, there’s no way back. That’s why you need take really good care of your teeth from the earliest age. But, no matter how carefully you wash them and how frequently you visit your dentist, there are still tons of dangerous habits that damage your teeth on a daily basis. Here are some of the most frequent ones and a few ways to avoid them.

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Brushing too Vigorously

You must brush your teeth several times a day, but doing it too often or too hard will cause more harm than good. So, instead of brushing them all day long, do it just after eating and before going to bed. Be extra sure to do this after heavy meals that include acidic foods that could damage your gums and enamel. Also, instead of scrubbing, opt for soft and gentle strokes because that method will remove all the food particles from your mouth, and still leave your teeth unharmed.Habits, Teeth, Floss, Brushing Teeth, Dentist, Diana Smith, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, smoking, acidic foods, Cavities

Flossing Improperly

While millions of people don’t mind flossing their teeth, knowing that this habit is beneficial to their health and looks, most of them are still doing it wrong. And flossing your teeth improperly is even worse than not doing it at all! If you floss in a hurry or are just careless, you could damage your pulp, as well as harm your gums so much that they start bleeding. If you want to prevent these things from happening, learn how to floss properly or consult your dentist.

Biting Your Nails

Even though mostly children have this habit, lots of adults do it as well – and biting your nails doesn’t just look bad, but also hurts your teeth more than you can think. After a while, you can easily chip your teeth and even harm your entire jaw. This kind of injury can require complex medical procedures and take a long time to heal. To prevent this habit from happening, try distracting yourself, start manicuring your nails and using nail polishes that cause a bitter sensation at your teeth.

Avoiding the Dentist

Not everyone likes going to the dentist’s because they are afraid of the pain and the discomfort waiting for them in the dental chair. And this is especially true for children who fear the dentists more than anything else. However, if you don’t check your teeth with a professional from time to time – at least twice a year – you might not notice the signs of serious decay and damage. While the habit of avoiding the dentist isn’t talked about every single day, it’s still one of the most dangerous ones because its consequences are quite painful and serious. Another thing you should definitely do is visit a trustworthy orthodontist every once in a while, and ask for their opinion regarding the state of your teeth.

Other Habits

These aren’t the only problems your teeth might face – some of the most common issues include grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw, using toothpicks incorrectly, chewing ice cubes, smoking and bad eating habits: soda drinks, acid foods and sweets harm your teeth from the very early age. If you wish to break this vicious cycle and do something good for your teeth, pay attention to these habits and try to avoid them as much as possible.