Teenagers Arrested With Illegal Weapons Near Manitoba School


In the early hours of the recent Monday, several teenagers in Portage la Prairie fell into the custody of the Manitoba RCMP, following the seizure of an alarming array of weaponry—ranging from machetes and knives to BB guns.

The sequence of events was initiated the preceding Friday, when information regarding two students, notorious for brandishing weapons and issuing threats, reached the RCMP school liaison officer (SLO) assigned to the Portage Collegiate Institute. The individuals in question, however, eluded the law enforcement search.

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On Monday, a breakthrough occurred. At 11:45 a.m., while on patrol, the SLO located the culprits hiding in an alley adjacent to the school. A failed attempt to evade the police resulted in their capture.

An inspection revealed the two dwellers of Portage la Prairie, both teenagers, to be in possession of illegal weaponry; the 14-year-old male was armed with dual machetes and pocket knives, while his 15-year-old companion had two machetes and a loaded BB gun on his person.

Post arrest, both were charged with numerous crimes, encompassing possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and carrying a concealed weapon. They were subsequently released under the stipulation of avoiding the vicinity of the high school.

Later that afternoon, at 2:30 p.m., officers sighted a sizable group of young people; one reported to be carrying weapons was making his way towards the crowd. Before he could reach his destination, the officers detained the 14-year-old male hailing from Long Plain First Nation. A subsequent search revealed him to be in possession of an airsoft revolver and a can of bear spray.

Following the arrest, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, utilization of imitation firearms for illegal activities, and two counts of dangerous weapon possession. He too was released on the promise that he would stay away from the high school premises.

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