Teenagers Arrested for Brutal Assault Over Hijab Controversy at Montreal School


A deeply disturbing incident unfolded on Montreal’s South Shore earlier this week when four teenagers brutally attacked a 16-year-old over an altercation near École secondaire du Mont-Bruno high school. The flagrant act of violence was filmed and has since circulated online, displaying appalling savagery that prompted immediate action from local authorities.

The video depicts a chilling scene where the victim is repeatedly punched in the head while on his knees, surrounded by a crowd who passively observe the violence. Following the release of the footage, four local students were swiftly apprehended by Longueuil police, with assurances from officers that security would be enhanced around the school premises. While the victim survived the ferocious assault with non-critical injuries, the psychological impact is unquestionable.

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Soon after the incident, the alleged perpetrators found themselves suspended from school per Minister of Education Bernard Drainville’s directive. Describing it as an “outrageous” act, Drainville emphasized that no form of violence can be tolerated within the learning environment. His sympathies, like so many others, went to the traumatized student.

The police sprung into action almost immediately after they became aware of the nauseating footage. While charges have yet to be filed, four suspects are currently under arrest. Given the severity of the assault, charges could potentially include assault with injuries, armed assault, and kidnapping, according to Longueuil police spokesperson François Boucher.

Further probing led to information suggesting that the assault occurred due to an act on a bus involving the removal of a young woman’s hijab – a religious head covering worn by Muslim women. The accused were allegedly seeking vengeance for this perceived violation. Boucher refrained from commenting further as investigations continue.

Efforts are now being directed towards supporting all individuals affected by the violence at the school. Prevention teams will be dispatched, working in tandem with the Centre de services scolaire des Patriotes in ensuring the victim and other students receive the necessary guidance and reassurances.

The brutal act has raised concern among students who reported several incidents of violence and bullying within the school. Longueuil police described this case as one of the most troubling they’ve come across in a considerable period, demonstrating a disheartening reality within the school’s culture.

Most alarmingly, the student body stood by while such violence was taking place, with some even opting to film the incident without notifying the police. Public Safety Minister François Bonnardel also weighed in on the discussion, condemning such actions within the educational sector. He extended his thoughts to the victim and his family, commending the police on their prompt response.

The past 24 hours have seen the school administration meet with all students involved. Measures have been implemented to address the actions of the victim, the perpetrators, and the witnesses, the school service centre announced in a recent news release.