Teenager Stabbed to Death at Copperfield Basketball Court: Suspects at Large


In a shocking turn of events, an 18-year-old named Danillo Canales Glenn met with a tragic end during a scuffle on Tuesday night at a basketball court in the Copperfield community. The incident took place amidst the hustle and bustle of the 0-100 block of Copperstone Road S.E., around 7:45 p.m. The fatal encounter involved an attack with a bear-spray and a fatal stabbing, allegedly by two unidentified individuals.

Emergency services rushed to the spot, taking Glenn to the hospital where his life hung by a thread. Alas, he succumbed to his wounds later, taking the tally of Calgary’s homicides in 2023 to a chilling thirteen.

Glenn was accompanied by two companions at the time of the fatal encounter. In the aftermath of the incident, Calgary police reported that the attackers had managed to evade custodial justice and still remain unidentified.

Referring to the chilling episode, Staff Sgt. Brad Moore of the Calgary Police Service’s homicide unit stated, “A young man has lost his life, and several people who were present at the time of the incident have been left traumatized by this senseless confrontation.” He further informed the community of Copperfield, now nervously unsettled, that the terrible incident was isolated, and there was no imminent threat to the public.

As the news spread, community members collectively mourned the loss of a fellow Calgaryan. Paisley’s were hung on the fence of the athletic field in memory of Glenn. Ward 12 councillor, Evan Spencer, expressed shock and distress, saying, “It’s where the community gathers and now to have that tarnished by this tragic event, I know it’s going to be a long time before it kind of leaves the memory of the community.”

The incident jolted the local residents, leaving them in a state of fear and confusion. Ryan Danforth, a nearby resident, expressed the widespread concern: “Parents are generally scared. We’re all just grasping for a reason; we just want to figure out why.”

Echoing this sentiment, Cassandra Stapor added, “It’s very upsetting, something like that happened to someone so young.”

Investigations have since been fervently underway, with area CCTV footage under scrutiny and statements from witnesses underway. The suspects have been described as two male individuals both aged between 16 and 18 years, each around 5’8″ and slim. One was clad in a navy blue zip-up hoodie with a thin black stripe stretching across the chest and back, black pants, and black shoes, while the other, with dark brown or black hair and brown eyes, wore a light grey zip-up hoodie, black jeans, and black shoes, accompanied by a rectangular Gucci fanny pack strapped across his chest.

The local authorities appeal to anyone with information regarding the incident to step forth and contact the police.


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