Teenager Recovers After Shooting at Scarborough’s Kennedy Station


After a shooting incident at Kennedy Station on Monday afternoon, a teenager is recovering in a local hospital. The Toronto Police Department received a distress call signposting an shooting occurrence at the TTC Line 2 station in Scarborough just past the 3 o’clock mark in the afternoon.

Inspector Lori Kranenburg, who was present and conversing with the press at the scene, disclosed that no victim or evidence of gunshots were discovered at the subway station. However, she indicated signs were clear that a confrontation had taken place, focusing towards the subway level.

Roughly 30 minutes following the chaotic event, a phone call to the police was made by a 16-year-old boy. The teen claimed to have been shot at the station, and had managed to find his way to a residence. “Paramedics promptly attended to the situation, treating the youngster for what seemingly resembled a grazing wound caused by a bullet,” Kranenburg conveyed.

Maintaining non-life-threatening injuries, the teen was promptly conveyed to a local hospital. The police have a limited profile description of the supposed perpetrator, suspected to be a Black male in his late teens or early 20s, of average height and build.

The series of actions the suspect took post-shooting remains uncertain at this stage. “It is still premature in the ongoing investigation to deliver any additional details pertaining to the circumstances of today’s incident,” Kranenburg stated. She also noted that it is currently unknown whether the suspect and the victim were previously acquainted.

She urged any eyewitnesses to the incident to step forward and disclose their account to the investigators. “The subway station was presumably busy during the time of the incident. We are certain that there are individuals present who could supply us with crucial information.” Kranenburg appealed. “Your help is imperative for the successful resolution of this case and the pursuit of justice.”

Monday’s incident is among the latest string of violence experienced on the TTC. On the evening prior, a gentleman in his 50s became the victim of a stabbing at Victoria Park station. Precisely a day before this incident, a police officer and several civilians were injured during an assault at Kipling Station.

Reassuring the public, Kranenburg mentioned the Toronto Police Department continue to closely collaborate with the TTC to safeguard public safety. “The Toronto police are vigilant and respond swiftly to such incidents. We take these matters very seriously,” she confirmed.

The consequence of Monday’s incident led to a halt in subway services between Kennedy and Warden Stations for several hours. It was reported that regular subway service was back up and running shortly before 6 p.m.


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