Teenager Dies in Deer-Caused Collision Near Onion Lake


In a heartbreaking accident near Onion Lake on Tuesday, a young teenager lost his life. The unfortunate incident occurred around 10:15 p.m., as reported to the Maidstone Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

An SUV, in an unfortunate stroke of fate, collided with a deer. The momentum carried the vehicle onward, crashing it into another car. A 16-year-old passenger present in the car met his untimely end at the accident scene, identified dead by the responding paramedics.

The impact of the crash resulted in several injuries. The driver and another passenger in the SUV, as well as the driver and two occupants of the car, were hastily evacuated to a near hospital. Thankfully, their injuries were assessed as non-life-threatening.

The intricate process of piecing together the events leading to this tragic accident is still underway. The RCMP continues to carefully probe all probable scenarios to unfold the truth behind this horrific incident. The completion of this comprehensive inquiry is sure to bring closure to this devastating news that has shaken the quiet town near Onion Lake.


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