Teen Perpetrators Arrested in Hit-and-Run Murder of Retired Police Chief


Last month, a hit-and-run incident led to the tragic demise of Andreas “Andy” Probst, a retired police chief hailing from California, while he was cycling on a Las Vegas street. The two responsible for this crime, both still in their teenage years, are now under arrest.

The fateful event unfolded around 6 a.m. at the crossroads of Tenaya Way and Centennial Parkway, a short distance from the famed Las Vegas strip. According to law enforcement officers, the young driver, accompanied by another adolescent, deliberately rammed into Probst, who was 64 at the time.

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Upon sighting Probst, a chilling exchange took place between the two teens before they accelerated directly into him, taking off immediately afterward amid traces of laughter. A recently released statement from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provided these harrowing details.

The young passenger’s recording of the incident revealed one final, disturbing statement, “Yeah, yeah, yeah hit his a**,” just before the fatal accident. Probst was mercilessly flung backward off his bicycle, first crashing into the windshield and hood of the car before he made his final, painful landing on the hard, unforgiving pavement. His injuries were critical, and he could not survive for long. Shortly afterward, Probst was officially pronounced dead at the University Medical Center.

Las Vegas prosecutors have prioritized this horrific case, eager to bring the perpetrators to justice. Their goal is to indict the 17-year-old driver who stole the Hyundai as an adult. Authorities apprehended the young man and charged him with murder. He remains in custody, and prosecutors anticipate bringing forth additional charges. The second teen, a passenger in the incident, is also facing murder charges. Presently, both suspects are held in Clark County Juvenile Hall.

Probst’s untimely death resulted in profound shock and grief. His daughter, Taylor Probst, shared her heartrending sorrow and her outrage regarding the callous disregard for human life shown by the two assailants.

As further investigations progressed, the breadth of the teens’ alleged crimes enlarged. Apart from Probst’s murder, the young suspects were apparently involved in an earlier hit-and-run incident, also targeting a bicyclist. The first victim, a 72-year-old male, remarkably survived his ordeal. This initial hit-and-run transpired near Fort Apache Road and Washburn Road in Las Vegas, just half an hour before the tragic episode involving Probst.

Authorities have stated that the teens were riding in the same car when they crashed into a Toyota Corolla on U.S. 95, a short while before colliding with Probst. It seems their crime spree was fueled by the theft of at least four vehicles, as per the investigation’s revelations.