Teen Laborer in Critical Condition after Horrifying Construction Site Fall


In a precarious situation, a 17-year-old labourer is battling for his life after experiencing a significant fall on a construction site. This critical incident transpired at a work location on Victoria St, West End, in Brisbane, with emergency services summoned at approximately 1:30pm on Tuesday.

According to Queensland’s Ambulance services, the youngster had a hazardous fall from a height of approximately 2.5m at the bustling city-centre work site. It is conjectured that he plummeted through an opening while working on one of the levels at the construction locale.

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The injury sustained was so severe that the adolescent worker had to be rushed to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. What awaited him there was a medically induced coma, necessary due to the grave head injury he suffered. A spokesperson for Queensland Health Metro North later confirmed that the teenager’s condition remained extremely critical throughout Wednesday.

Following this distressing incident, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland initiated a thorough investigation. On Wednesday, the health and safety organization reported that inspectors would revisit the site as a critical part of their ongoing investigation.

Regrettably, this marks the second severe workplace incident within Southeast Queensland in just a matter of days. The first being the unfortunate and untimely passing of a 56-year-old man as he labored on the Cleveland-Redland Bay Road site at Victoria Point on Saturday’s fateful afternoon.

The tragic demise of the worker, caused by a truck accident at the Seymour Whyte Site, has painted a somber cloud over the region located approximately 35km east of Brisbane. CFMEU state secretary, Michael Ravbar, expressed his dejected sentiments by labelling the incident as “yet another shocking episode” and a direct consequence of the Queensland Government’s inability to safeguard construction workers.

Ravbar’s remarks echoed the shared sentiments of many, asserting that “this totally preventable death follows repeated warnings from the CFMEU about the need to modernize outdated regulation about heavy plant and equipment.”

In related news, a man in his 20s found himself in a similar misfortune just days earlier. He was severely injured after trapping his arm in heavy machinery, however, his condition was deemed stable upon arrival hospital.

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