Teen Apprentice Dies in Tragic Brisbane Construction Site Fall


In an unfortunate accident at a West End construction site in Brisbane, a seventeen-year-old building apprentice, Tyler Whitton, tragically lost his life. The teen was still in the initial year of his apprenticeship when he endured a fatal fall that spanned over two metres.

Dispatched to Victoria St at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, emergency services discovered a critically wounded Tyler. He had sustained severe head injuries from the fall. He was promptly conveyed to the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and was subsequently placed in an induced coma.

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An emotionally charged tribute to Tyler was made by his grandfather, Jack Whitton, following the painful decision by the family to let him go. Tyler breathed his last surrounded by his friends and family after his life support was turned off on Wednesday.

Expressing his grief, Jack Whitton extended his heartfelt farewell to his grandson on Facebook. “Today I say goodbye to my beloved beautiful grandson Tyler. Words cannot describe the pain and complete numbness we are all experiencing,” he confessed.

He also emphasised his inability to fathom the intense sorrow engulfing Tyler’s father Luke, his partner Letitia, and Tyler’s mother Jess.

Jack shared how Tyler was navigating the first year of his apprenticeship as a builder, suggesting the enormity of the tragedy considering Tyler’s tender age.

The site where the incident occurred has reportedly been visited by the CFMEU representatives, one of whom, state secretary Michael Ravbar, declared the blatant risk of falls from height at various spots, especially the site’s top deck.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has undertaken the investigation process to probe deeper into the tragic incident. With wholesome hopes and dreams wrapped in innocence and youth, Tyler’s loss throws into sharp relief the importance of stringent safety measures, particularly in construction sites.