Tech Giants Google and Magic Leap Reinvigorate Metaverse with Augmented Reality Goggles


After lying unattended in the annals of the tech world, the metaverse, the once hip and happening topic is making a triumphant return. Just recently, tech giant Google has partnered with Magic Leap to hone Augmented Reality (AR) goggles that are geared towards creating a superior metaverse experience. Moreover, The Sandbox, a blockchain-based platform, raised a whopping $20 million in strategic funding, catapulting its valuation to $1 billion. Additionally, McDonald’s in Singapore launched its foray into the realm of the metaverse with “My Happy Place,” and banking powerhouse CitiBank has affirmed it’s exploring technological advancements in the metaverse to enrich their customer experience further.

The recent surge of interest and an ensuing influx of funding towards the metaverse industry is most likely due to the revival of Web3. Alongside this, another game-changer is on the horizon: AI. The proliferation of high-speed AI algorithms in the blockchain and Web3 sectors are slowly infiltrating the metaverse, rekindling enthusiasm due to their capacity to augment user interactions, data processing, computer vision, avatars, 3D chatbots, and much more. According to a report by the global management consulting firm, McKinsey, AI technology will play a pivotal role in the evolution and growth of what is projected to become a $3 trillion industry by 2030.

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As the metaverse looks set to revolutionize the internet landscape, changing industries, commerce, and the way we interact with content and one another, Dogelon Mars and Publicis Sapient are taking a united front to construct an AI-powered metaverse. The decentralized, community-centric cryptocurrency Dogelon Mars, inspired by mankind’s aspiration to colonize Mars, touts ambitious plans to launch a virtual world named “Dogelon: Land on Mars” in Q3 of the current year with the assistance of Publicis Sapient, a company specializing in digital business transformation.

The imminent “Dogelon: Land on Mars” aims to give a boost to Dogelon Mars’ DAO-governed community by leveraging AI’s power to conceive a consummate and engaging user interface, thus providing new avenues of interaction while weaving the narrative around the memecoin.

This collaboration with Publicis Sapient breathes life into the narrative underpinning Dogelon Mars’s memecoin, the exploration of the cosmos. Dogelon Mars’ vibrant community leverages the expertise and strategic guidance of Publicis Sapient to provide it with a futuristic, AI-powered virtual world, enabling an interactive, captivating storyline about Dogelon Mars while serving as a ground-breaking model for other memecoins to produce tangible value, thereby dispelling some of the unfavorable stereotypes often associated with memecoins.

Reinforced by Publicis Sapient’s expertise, a standout AI feature being incorporated into Dogelon Mars’s metaverse is an advanced text-to-3D generator, offering users the ability to terraform the landscape and create anything their imagination conjures.

The eagerly-anticipated metaverse platform will operate on Dogelon Mars’s Layer-2 chain, Rufus, designed to lessen gas fees and foster the development of a GameFi ecosystem. Users will be allowed to burn $ELON, Dogelon Mars’s native token, to acquire land in the future. As the official currency of the metaverse, the $ELON token will be used to pay gas fees on Rufus and unlock exclusive content, access to NFT marketplaces, community events, governance rights, and a myriad of other exciting possibilities.

Vlad Panov, Global Head of Web3 at Publicis Sapient, opines on the metaverse’s growth and potential, “The metaverse is an idea that has returned to the forefront of the public’s mind in recent times, and AI’s unlimited potential is a major factor behind this resurgence. With Web3 organizations exploring new avenues to expand their ecosystems and foster a shared sense of community, there is strong demand for our metaverse services.”

Named as a “market leader in Metaverse services” by HFS Research last year, Publicis Sapient has been leading the charge in offering metaverse-specific services, leveraging advanced AI tools and delivering designs and concepts to clients within weeks.

Dogelon Mars’s Marketing Manager, Mark Wilson remarks on their collaboration with Publicis Sapient, “Their expertise in Web3 customer experience and reputation as an early innovator in metaverse services convinced us that they were the optimal partners to actualize our vision.”