Team USA Debuts Ralph Lauren Denim and Blazers at Paris Olympics


In a striking fusion of tradition and modernity, Team USA is set to make their debut at the Paris Olympics’ opening ceremony clad in quintessentially American attire: denim blue jeans and tailored navy blazers courtesy of renowned fashion house, Ralph Lauren.

Launching into their ninth rotation as the style architects for Team USA’s Olympic parade garments, Ralph Lauren unveiled a deliberate pairing of the “unexpected,” yet resoundingly classic. David Lauren, who serves as the company’s chief branding and innovation officer and is the son of the brand’s founder, was undeterred by denim’s inherently casual reputation. In conjunction with the opening ceremony outfit, the closing ceremony ensemble similarly displayed a knack for striking the perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, and Americana.

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The unconventional utilisation of the beloved, utterly American wardrobe staple, the blue jean, evokes a sense of familiarity and home while exuding modernity. Each athlete will don tapered denim blue jeans coupled with crisp, single-breasted wool blazers featuring red-and-white tipping. Underneath, they’ll sport blue-and-white striped Oxford shirts while finishing off the ensemble with cream suede buck lace-up shoes and classy blue neck ties.

For their victorious farewell, Team USA will stride out in an ensemble echoing the nation’s colors: sharp, white, moto-style denim jeans along with matching jackets splashed vibrantly with patriotic red, white, and blue.

To offer a taste of the upcoming Olympic spectacle, a selection of athletes bound for Paris previewed the uniforms due to grace the world stage at the Summer Games. Among the participants was 23-year-old Daniela Moroz, a possibly first-time Olympic sailor who praised the comfort, practicality, and moto-inspired details of her apparel.

Meanwhile, Team USA gear designed by Ralph Lauren is already available for purchase in U.S. and French stores and online. The range includes polo shirts constructed from 100% recycled cotton, a first in the brand’s Olympic gear history. David Lauren eagerly highlighted the potential of the polo shirts to function as a test for subsequent innovations.

Proceeds from retail sales will apparently provide financial support for U.S. athletes in training for their Olympic endeavours; however, the company withheld information on specified sums being allocated their way.

The uniforms designed for the opening and closing ceremonies will be gracing not only Olympians but also Paralympians, and have been manufactured in the U.S. The commercial gear, in contrast, has been produced both stateside and overseas.

Returning Paralympian and bronze medalist Jamal Hill hailed the uniforms’ blend of uniqueness and modernity as a potential hit among millennials and Gen Z.

Among the models was fencer Daryl Homer, and hopeful first-timer Kamren Larsen, a 24-year-old BMX racer who lauded the execution of the outfits, especially the dapper blazers juxtaposed with the relaxed vibe of the jeans. According to Larsen, “Ralph did a good job in diversifying”. Clothing then, it appears, has already secured its own victory, garnering strong collective approval among its wearers.