Teachers’ Union Sues Over Vegas Stadium Funding


In an ongoing battle that pits the interests of public education against major sporting developments in Las Vegas, the Nevada State Education Association has launched a new legal offensive. The teachers’ union, through its political action arm, Strong Public Schools, filed a lawsuit in the First Judicial Court of Carson City aiming to dismantle the controversial funding arrangement for a new baseball stadium designated for the Oakland Athletics.

The heart of the conflict lies in SB1, a legislative measure approved in June which earmarks $380 million of taxpayer money to build the sports venue in Las Vegas. However, the union’s legal action challenges the constitutionality of the bill, arguing that it did not secure the requisite two-thirds vote in both Nevada’s Assembly and Senate to lawfully create public revenue. Furthermore, the union’s lawsuit asserts that the bill falls short in providing detailed cost analysis and improperly obligates the state to take on debt on behalf of Clark County.

Union representation expressed their steep opposition to the bill with union spokesperson Chris Daly remarking to The Athletic, “We’re doing everything we can to make the road harder for them. Because our ultimate goal is to fund Nevada schools, and we think SB1 and the stadium deal goes in the wrong direction.”

Notably, the Oakland Athletics are not listed as defendants in the lawsuit. This lawsuit follows in the wake of another failed attempt by an NSEA-affiliated political action committee to spark a public referendum on SB1—a decision that is currently under appeal. Should the appeal gain traction, the NSEA faces the daunting task of amassing over 100,000 signatures before June, a venture that could surpass a million dollars in expenses.

Despite the legal and financial hurdles, Daly indicated a sense of resilient optimism, spurred by the dedication of various groups and individuals steadfast in their campaigning efforts.

The Athletics, meanwhile, hold onto their vision of a 30,000-seat ballpark which is set to rise from the grounds of the iconic Tropicana casino, slated to be demolished later this year by Bally’s Corporation. The team is optimistic that the stadium will be game-day-ready for the 2028 baseball season, creating a new chapter for sports in Las Vegas.

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