TD donates $15,000 to address the impacts of the pandemic on West Island residents


While the health crisis has exacerbated the needs of more vulnerable populations, community organizations face significant challenges in meeting the increased demand and providing front-line services.

This includes West Island residents who rely on community organizations for assistance with essential services such as food banks and support groups. Indeed, the pandemic has particularly affected small and medium-sized organizations, which have not been able to continue offering their usual services and have had difficulty adapting to their new reality.

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In response, TD decided to take action and donated $15,000 to the West Island Solidarity Fund, an initiative of the West Island Community Shares, a Quebec-based organization whose mission is to provide year-round financial support to some 40 West Island organizations so that residents can benefit from a wide range of essential services.

TD’s financial contribution will enable West Island Community Shares to help the community organizations it supports adapt in the medium and long term, in addition to meeting their urgent needs so that they can pursue their mission of giving back to the region’s community.