Taylor Swift’s NFL Romance Predicted to Boost Sports Betting Among Women


For the past fortnight, the relentless onslaught of media coverage surrounding Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s budding love affair with pop sensation Taylor Swift has reached fever pitch. Football aficionados might be weary of broadcasts that bear more resemblance to an Access Hollywood episode than a gridiron showdown. Yet, such coverage has proven to be a gold mine for sportsbook operators.

The crossover reached its crescendo when Swift graced the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey for the Sunday Night Football showdown between the Chiefs and the New York Jets. This marked Swift’s second appearance at a game in as many weeks. Not ones to miss an opportunity, FanDuel and DraftKings capitalized on the pop culture-Football fusion, laying out a buffet of Kelce-centric prop bets—with quite a few drawing inspiration directly from Miss Swift.

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Beyond the prototypical NFL player prop wagers—anytime touchdowns, over/under on receiving yardage, or the chances of a quarterback hurling an interception—DraftKings got creative, offering a prop bet on Kelce securing a reception of 22 yards or more—a nod to Swift’s chart-topping single from 2012, “22”. The bet’s odds were future-market +222 (lay down $100 to net $222).

Kelce’s relationship with Swift is turning up the heat and sportsbook operators like FanDuel and DraftKings are relishing the moment. With his prominent personality, star-studded personal life, and a trophy cabinet garnished with two Super Bowl rings, Kelce is among the NFL’s most recognizable faces. Swift’s presence has elevated the spectacle even further.

According to DraftKings and FanDuel, two leading online sportsbook operators controlling roughly 70% of the US market, the betting activity on Kelce has surged post his association with Swift. Post the “22” bet, the most popular wager on Kelce was to notch a touchdown—a wager he did not fulfill. However that didn’t stop Kelce prop bets from raking in twice as much as the preceding fortnight.

This shift in betting tendencies is monumental, considering that Kelce’s frenzied love life has spurred a newfound interest among Swift’s die-hard fan base, “Swifties,” in the NFL. As a considerable percentage of Swift’s audience are women aged 27-42, this could prove to be a massive fillip for gaming companies aiming to attract more women to sports betting.

However, gaming corporations looking to cash in on the Kelce-Swift saga might need to temper their optimism as Swift’s past relationships hint at short-lived flings.

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