Taylor Swift Cheers on Chiefs’ Travis Kelce at MetLife Stadium


Renowned pop sensation and 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift didn’t miss another opportunity to cheer for her favored football player Travis Kelce. On Sunday night, about 40 minutes before the beginning whistle, the MetLife Stadium filled with anticipation as Swift made an entrance to watch the Kansas City Chiefs, with Kelce leading the charge, compete against the New York Jets.

Swift was caught on camera entering the tightly secured stadium, donned in blue jean shorts paired with a smart black long-sleeve top and a leather jacket. Alongside her were acclaimed actors Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman. As the night progressed, NBC’s telecast captured her multiple times in the stands, including a poignant moment where she was side by side with Donna Kelce, Travis’s mother, wearing her son’s No. 87 jersey.

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This appearance comes after her recent visit, a week ago, to Arrowhead Stadium. Dressed in the vibrant Chiefs’ colors, red and white, she joined the roaring crowd to witness the Chiefs’ dominant triumph over the Chicago Bears with a score of 41-10. Surrounded by the buzzing energy in Donna Kelce’s suite, Swift seemed to be enjoying the game, having accepted Travis Kelce’s gracious invitation.

Despite being on hiatus from her celebrated Eras Tour which will resume on November 9th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, exactly 20 minutes before the game’s commencement, NBC broadcasted an advertisement for her upcoming concerts.

Swift is no newcomer to MetLife Stadium, having previously entranced her fans with three sold-out shows in the same venue the past May. Among the captivated onlookers during two of such performances was Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was back at the stadium this weekend after recovering from a left Achilles tendon rupture incurred during his debut match with New York on September 11th.

The pop icon and the football star have yet to shed light on the nature of their relationship. Kelce did however mention on his recent “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” podcast, with heartwarming praise how Swift “looked amazing” at the game.

“Everybody was talking about her and in a great light”, Kelce added while talking about her visit to his suite, “And on top of that, the day went perfect for Chiefs fans. Of course, we script it all, ladies and gentlemen”.

The football pro had initially invited Swift after a failed attempt to give her a friendship bracelet during her Kansas City leg of the Eras Tour.

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