Tax relief for seniors using the Home-Support Services Tax Credit


Claiming the credit

The home-support services tax credit for seniors aged 70 years and older is designed to reduce the expenses incurred from home-support services and to reduce the cost of rent when living in a residence.

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Autonomous seniors living in a residence could benefit from a reduction in rent of 21% by claiming the home-support services, such as maid services, for seniors tax credit. Seniors who are non-autonomous and who live in a residence with care could have a reduction in rent of 25%.

When you reach the age of 70 and reside in Québec at the end of the year, you could be eligible for this program. You can claim the tax credit for home-support services for seniors when filing your tax return by completing Schedule J. If you are 70 years old this year, the expenses incurred as of the date you reach 70 make you eligible for the tax credit.

Living circumstances and the tax credit

You may be eligible for Revenue Canada’s “involuntary separation” measure. This measure is in place for those who were separated from their spouses for reasons beyond their control. You and your spouse will be considered as single individuals for the purposes of the tax credit. The amount of your tax credit will then be calculated according to your revenue as a single person rather than as a couple. If you and your spouse are living separately for health reasons, this will change the amount of the tax credit. In order to qualify, you must have stopped living with your spouse solely for a medical or financial reason. For example, if your spouse is living in a long-term care facility.

Maximum expenses

The maximum eligible expenses and the allocated tax credit vary depending on the circumstance. The maximum eligible expenses for a single autonomous person are $19,500 per year. The maximum annual tax credit is $6,630, or 34%of $19,500. On the other hand, for a single non-autonomous person, the maximum eligible expenses are $25,500 per year.


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