Target Recalls Hazardous Food Chopper Amidst Severe Injury Reports


Prominent retail chain Target has recently issued a grave warning in relation to Brooklyn rechargeable mini food chopper BMC-300, a favoured food preparation tool created by Ayonz. The product is embedded with a serious flaw capable of inflicting severe wounds.

The downtown retailer has taken preventative steps and ordered the recall of the aforementioned food chopper. This action comes on the heels of customers reporting cuts sustained while using the product. The peculiarity of this appliance was its functionality, even when separated from its accompanying glass bowl. This results in the exposure of the user to the hazardously rotational blades of the chopper.

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Target provided stern advice, stating, “The machine spaces a risk of grave harm, predominantly lacerations”. In some cases, this fault has already resulted in injuries. These assertions were supported by the product safety division of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) earlier this week.

Advising immediate cessation of the food chopper’s use, the ACCC further recommended that consumers return the tool to Target for a comprehensive reimbursement of the product price. They also pointed out that the metallic food processor had been retailed by Target through online sales, from early June until late August of this year.