Talos and One Trading Partner to Boost Institutional Crypto Liquidity


London, United Kingdom, May 16th, 2024: Talos, a leading provider of digital asset trading technology for institutions, has teamed up with One Trading, a crypto trading venue regulated in the European Union, to expand liquidity access for institutional clients. This strategic integration allows One Trading to join the Talos network of liquidity providers, offering their shared clients more options for achieving best execution. Talos users will now benefit from access to One Trading’s high-speed trading platform, boasting a matching engine time of just 1 microsecond.

Along with extending its reach to Talos’s institutional clientele, One Trading will adopt the Talos trading platform to support its OTC trading desk as a sell-side client. The highly acclaimed Talos trading platform will assist One Trading in efficiently sourcing liquidity, thereby enhancing service to its clients. This multifaceted relationship underscores the various ways the Talos network and platform can elevate a partner’s business operations.

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“We are thrilled to welcome One Trading into the Talos network of liquidity providers,” said Daniel Packham, VP and Head of Operations, EMEA. “They have built a leading regulated trading venue in Europe utilizing cutting-edge technology, ensuring incredibly fast and secure exchanges while maintaining high standards of security and transparency—a priority for both Talos and our institutional clients. As a client of our trading platform, One Trading exemplifies how an OTC dealer can effectively manage liquidity using Talos.”

Joshua Barraclough, CEO of One Trading, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, noting, “Talos shares our goal of bridging the gap between traditional and crypto asset trading. We are excited to integrate with Talos not only as a liquidity provider but also as a sell-side trading client. Talos offers the same institutional-grade technology that we aim to provide our own clients.”

One Trading, an EU-based trading venue, was established by a team with extensive TradFi experience. The platform delivers an institutional-grade digital asset exchange for both retail and institutional customers, emphasizing market-leading execution speed, deep order books, and low fees. The exchange notably offers zero fees for both maker and taker transactions. Operating a regulated spot trading venue and an OTC business, One Trading plans to launch a MiFID II regulated derivatives business soon. With the European regulation Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) emphasizing the importance of best execution, the Talos-One Trading integration will provide clients with an additional option for sourcing optimum liquidity.

Talos supports the entire digital asset trading lifecycle by offering technology for liquidity sourcing, price discovery, trading, settlement, lending, borrowing, and portfolio management. The Talos platform, engineered by experts in building institutional trading systems, connects institutions to key digital asset ecosystem participants—including exchanges, OTC desks, prime brokers, lenders, and custodians—through a single point of entry. This streamlines the trading process, mitigates intermediary risk, and facilitates best execution.

One Trading, registered as a VASP in Italy with Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM), offers a range of services including an exchange, instant trade, and an OTC desk. The platform is recognized for providing one of the fastest trading venues globally with zero fees, a transparent order book, deep liquidity, and advanced charting tools for technical analysis. With its Instant Trade feature, One Trading offers a user-friendly interface, allowing trading across numerous fiat, stablecoin, and altcoin pairs without additional commission. These features are integrated by accessing deep liquidity from major providers, initially exclusive to high-net-worth individuals or institutional clients but now accessible to all trader types through Instant Trade. The OTC desk provides a specialized trading team to handle large transactions with rapid settlement and extensive asset coverage, ensuring high liquidity.

This integration between Talos and One Trading marks a significant step forward in enhancing the digital asset trading landscape, providing robust solutions for institutional clients seeking efficiency, security, and superior liquidity options.