Summer is finally upon us. We get very excited and our positive energy surfaces with no problem at all. Pet owners, like myself, like to take our best friends for a ride, so they can change the scenery from always being at home; especially during the two previous seasons.

Great news! More and more stores are now allowing dogs inside their establishments. A recent add-on to the list of the businesses is Canadian Tire in Vaudreuil- Dorion. Why would you leave your dog in the heat of the summer inside the car? They are like us, they breathe the same air, they feel the heat and more depending on their fur, they need constant water when it’s hot, they have a heart, lungs, etc.

It is against the law to leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle in a manner that endangers their health or safety. You may think it’s fun to take your dog along when you run errands, but a hot car is no place for a pet. 

We spoke with Stephanie Zouzout from SPCA Ouest de l’Ile, and she provided us with very good pointers when bringing our dogs to a store that accepts them:

  • The dog must always be on a leash
  • Make sure the dog has gone to do his business before entering the store. (Don’t think accidents are welcomed inside)
  • In case that our best friend didn’t need to go before, carry with you his potty bag. (just in case)
  • Stores are NOT a DOG PARK. We do not bring them to make new friends at stores.
  • When walking in the aisles and another pet is already there, try to avoid that aisle for now. Come back to it later when free.
  • IMPORTANT: When you see a service dog & and you have your pet with you, just go on with your purpose of coming into the store. Leave them alone as they are trained for a specific task.
  • If you believe your pet will react in a bad way among another one’s just leave them at home, no danger there.

Before leaving your home with your BEST FRIEND, plan ahead and think about doing what is best and SAFE for them.

The Socéité de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) warns us about leaving our pet’s in the car:


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