T-Mobile and Halo Team Up to Bring Driverless Cars in Las Vegas


T-Mobile and Halo are teaming up to provide commercial car services around Las Vegas Valley. The latest announcement is one of the innovative public transportation services transforming the hub.

The tech startup company plans to initially available only in the urban parts of Las Vegas. Riders will use Halo mobile app to order a driverless car that will swiftly arrive and send customers to their destinations.

However, the vehicles are not autonomous and rely on a command center where physical drivers are located and remotely pilot the cars. Halo cars are fitted with nine cameras positioned on the vehicles and feed the physical driver with a video stream in the command center.

T-Mobile uses a reliable 5G network. Halo has not revealed the charges for rides in Las Vegas. Earlier, Elon Musk Boring Company completed a 1.7-mile tunnel that shortens the long walk across the Convection Center campus to just 120 seconds in a fully autonomous Tesla Vehicle.

Tesla plans to extend the loop to casino resorts on the Strip, but that won’t happen this year. Though the Halo/T-Mobile upcoming product is innovative, it is not yet clear whether Americans are ready to hop in a car without a driver. A survey conducted by SurveyUSA found that one in two Americans said they would not get into a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle that was self-driving.


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