Syntropy Rebrands as Synternet, Pioneering Blockchain Data Infrastructure Revolution


In a significant move towards the future envisaged by Web 3, Syntropy, the data infrastructure platform pioneering data transfers and smart contract executions across all chains, has announced a comprehensive rebranding. Making the transition from Syntropy to Synternet, this rebranding signals the platform’s unyielding commitment to revolutionizing the transfer of data across blockchains.

As part of the rebranding process, the newly christened Synternet will undergo a complete overhaul of its visual identity which includes, but is not limited to a new logo, color scheme, and web design. These modifications are intended to better encapsulate the vision driving the company as well as accommodate the anticipated high-tech advancements set to be integrated into the Synternet ecosystem.

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However, these changes are purely cosmetic and assure no disruption in operations for $NOIA token holders, whose activities continue to be facilitated on the Ethereum Network. The token holders won’t require performing any explicit actions during the Synternet transition phase.

The novel blockchain network that Synternet intends to provide will offer an innovative, modular and interoperable data infrastructure spanning all major chains. Offering unmatched data infrastructure solutions for AI, DeFi, DePIN, Governance, GameFi, and other Web 3 projects, this rebranding merges Synternet’s technological edge with an updated external identity and strategic vision, positioning it to become a formidable Layer 1 blockchain for interoperable data infrastructure.

Synternet’s CEO, Daniel Haudenschild, reiterates the transformation, stating, “Synternet is more than a mere rebranding. It’s our audacious proclamation of the future we perceive for blockchain. As we equip Web3 with its data infrastructure, we’re laying the groundwork for a decentralized web that’s more open, interoperable and primed for innovation.”

Synternet is not just stopping at a visual makeover. It also plans on introducing considerable upgrades and new features into its ecosystem. First off, the much-anticipated mainnet is expected to roll out later this quarter, establishing a robust data infrastructure that enables real-time data streams across chains.

Synternet’s team of developers is also hard at work building a fully operational bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos blockchains. This development aims to enable a smooth transfer of value across these blockchains, with plans of extending this facility to accommodate more blockchains in the future.

Furthermore, the platform is keen on enhancing the experience for publishers and developers, so they are building important features designed for uncomplicated participation and innovation on the network.

Jonas Simanavicius, CTO at Synternet expressed his excitement about the developments, saying, “Our engineering team is tirelessly forging the technology necessary to bring the Synternet vision to life. We can’t wait to invite the world to build and expand their dApps on our network in the months to come.”

Currently, Synternet boasts an ever-growing community of over 100,000 members, with 16,500 $NOIA token holders, and an active team of over 50 developers and Web 3 professionals.

The platform recently secured additional capital from a slew of prestigious blockchain VC firms which include CMCC Global, Polygon Ventures, HV Capital, Faculty Group, and Wave Capital. So far, the company has successfully raised $10 million in pledges from top VC firms in the industry, signalling its preparedness to support the evolution of Web 3.

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