Synternet and peaq Integration Boosts Real-Time Data Infrastructure for Blockchain and AI Innovation


In a significant development in the world of data infrastructure, Synternet, a leading blockchain that powers flexible, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains, made an official announcement this Wednesday about the integration of peaq as a publisher on its data layer. peaq, which is a Layer 1 blockchain known for driving Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) and machine learning, will now be able to stream its on-chain data on Synternet, making it accessible to users in real-time.

The synergy between the two platforms will permit developers on Synternet to leverage peaq’s on-chain data and build robust data-driven applications, including but not limited to, dashboards, and advanced analytical tools. The integration is expected to benefit machine-learning applications. The core of this collaboration is peaq’s event-driven architecture that allows the enhancement of the so-called Economy of Things ecosystem.

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peaq’s mission is to build an international, blockchain-fueled structure that will drive DePINs, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning across a broad range of economic sectors. This synergy with Synternet further bolsters this objective, as it provides peaq with advanced data streaming tools to optimize Web 3 solutions for real-world use cases. Jonas Simanavicius, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Synternet, shed light on this during the announcement of peaq’s integration.

Simanavicius expressed his enthusiasm by stating, “We are excited to bring builders in the peaq ecosystem a versatile and highly customizable data streaming network for DePIN analytics and event-driven dApps. We’re confident it will play a pivotal role in unlocking innovation and driving various projects in the Economy of Things on peaq.”

As an event-driven app infrastructure, peaq allows applications to perform predefined actions in response to specific events. In layman’s terms, it translates to developers having the capability to create a spectrum of real-world applications. Among such examples include a navigation dApp recalibrating routes in response to traffic congestion; a power grid management app that engages extra capacity during peak loads, and an environmental monitoring app that uses data from multiple DePINs to identify negative trends. This showcases the immense potential that the integration of peaq into Synternet holds – it can drive innovation and lay a platform for the creation of transformative event-driven apps.

Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq said, “Synternet’s capabilities add a versatile and powerful tool for data streaming for anyone in the ecosystem to leverage. We’re confident that this integration will bring a lot of value to DePINs building on peaq and we’re thrilled to anticipate the novel applications it will power.”

Aside from unlocking its event-driven infrastructure, the integration will also provide developers with real-time, customizable streams of peaq’s on-chain data. This will not only enhance the data analytics and visualizations capabilities but also enable builders to devise innovative solutions that cater to the future. The integration will establish peaq as a publisher, functioning as one of Synternet’s nodes, and providing subscribers with live data stream. Consequently, it will give subscribers the ability to customize the data flow to address their specific needs, and contribute to solving real-world problems.