Sydney Welfare Check Escalates to Police Shooting as Man Brandishes Carving Knife


In a chilling encounter during a welfare inspection, a police officer was forced to fire at a man brandishing a large carving knife, causing responding paramedics to fear for their lives, according to high-ranking police officer Superintendent Andrew Holland. The incident occurred at a residence located on Chisholm St in the heart of Sydney’s Darlinghurst district, with the call placed around 4.40pm on a recent Sunday, due to escalating worries about the wellbeing of a 32-year-old man.

Superintendent Holland recounted that paramedics were first to enter the home to assist the potentially distressed individual, while police officers stood by outside the property. Suddenly, they found themselves face to face with the man, armed with a sizable carving knife, which triggered the exiting of paramedics from the premises in a heightened state of fear and urgency.

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Superintendent Holland recounted with palpable concern, “The male approached them with a carving knife and the ambulance officers have obviously run for their lives from this location.”

Further confirmations from Superintendent Holland on Monday revealed that a single shot had been discharged during the incident.

He went on to inform that the man was decreed stable and was recuperating at St Vincent’s Hospital. The bullet struck his upper abdomen, miraculously missing all vital organs. Superintendent Holland relayed with relief, “The patient has been operated on, and is now in a condition and is able to talk to family and friends.”

In a twist, he noted that the distress call, made via triple-0, came from the man’s partner, who was in no immediate danger. The police speculate that the incident may have disturbing links to a possible self-harm attempt.

This grave incident, encompassing the discharge of a police firearm, now falls under the scrutiny of the independent critical incident team from Leichhardt Police Area Command. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) too confirmed its awareness of the incident and pledged to independently supervise the investigation, set for further review by the Professional Standards Command.

Reflecting on the incident, Superintendent Holland spoke of having scrutinised the body-worn video footage from the welfare check, concluding that he was “comfortable with the actions and the officers involved”. He acknowledged the rapid and necessary reaction of the police officers under perilous circumstances, commending their prompt and apt response. “Police have had to react very quickly to a situation that was unfolding,” he concluded.