Sydney Fish Market Crane Collapse Injures Worker, Disrupts Traffic Flow


In a dramatic turn of events, a multistorey crane has collapsed onto an under-construction site of the new Sydney Fish Market, resulting in a middle-aged man sustaining back injuries. The accident took place at the harbourside location on Bridge Road in Blackwattle Bay, Glebe, around noon on Thursday.

Earl White, a businessman whose enterprise lies opposite the construction site, recalls hearing an unmistakable, thunderous crash as the crane came tumbling down. The man injured in the mishap, aged in his 30s, has been administered medical attention for his back injuries and subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for further assessment and treatment.

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White painted a vivid picture of the intense upheaval at the crash site, describing emergency services personnel frantically racing to respond to the distress call. According to an eyewitness interviewed by local radio station 2GB, the crane managed to slice right through to the second level of the scaffolding layout.

Images from the accident scene show construction workers slowly making their way out through the site’s exits, with multiple ambulance units already stationed there. Police have cordoned off the roads encircling the accident site and it is expected that these roads will continue to remain inaccessible as the extent of the damage is being assessed.

Traffic through one of Bridge Road’s two eastbound lanes near Wentworth Park Road has additionally been cut off, affecting the flow of westbound vehicles. Motorists frequenting the area have been advised to maintain vigilance at the wheel with significant traffic delays expected, particularly during peak hours.

In an announcement last month, the construction firm presiding over the project, Multiplex, highlighted the intricate installation of a trio of tower cranes on the harbourside project site. The company also underscored the use of innovative construction methodologies to tackle the unique challenges presented by the location’s proximity to water.

The installation of the cranes posed complicated engineering challenges due to the site’s harbourside placement and its constant exposure to tidal waters. Spreading across 6,000 square meters, the new Sydney Fish Market, upon its completion, is slated to be the southern hemisphere’s largest fish market of its kind.

The construction timeline is slated to culminate in late 2024, bringing an added attraction to Sydney’s waterfront. Multiplex, known for several iconic waterfront developments including Woolloomooloo Wharf, Jones Bay Wharf, and Luna Park, here again showcases their capability despite the unfortunate incident.