Sydney Crash Partner Hit with New Charges, Including DUI and Obstructing Justice


A groundswell of additional charges have swept over the partner of a man involved in a catastrophic vehicular mishap in Sydney’s western district that resulted in the tragic death of two siblings. Tiana Savignano was initially arrested for her involvement in the fatal incident while attending a court hearing in support of her partner, Johnson Kokozian, who stands accused of causing the fatal collision.

It is alleged that Savignano, 22, had concealed critical details about the incident and obstructed ongoing investigations. The crash took the lives of Alina Kauffman and her teenage brother Ernesto. But the charges against Savignano have continued to mount.

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On Sunday, following more intensive police investigations, Savignano was further accused of recording a portion of the court hearing for one of five individuals implicated in the vehicle collision. The expectant mother was handed a summons at a Cecil Park residence. The notice encompassed the recent charges and an excess of 30 unrelated driving offences, including driving under the influence of alcohol.

Among the alleged offences, Savignano was indicted for more than ten instances of driving while using her mobile phone and driving whilst her license had been suspended, in addition to transporting an unrestrained child.

Savignano also faces accusations of driving at speeds exceeding 20km/h over the limit on a P1 licence, along with three counts of reckless and dangerous driving.

These charges have surfaced while five individuals, including Savignano’s partner Kokozian, are being tried for the fatal crash. It’s alleged that 20-year-old Kokozian was behind the wheel of a black Mercedes at the time of the head-on collision with a Toyota Echo, resulting in the deaths of the Kauffman siblings. Surrendering to the authorities a full 18 hours later, Kokozian has since been charged with six offences, which includes two counts of dangerous driving occasioning death.

Earlier in the trial, it was disclosed that both Savignano and Kokozian allegedly impeded police efforts to gather valuable evidence. Mr. Kokozian’s father, also named Johnson Kokozian, and passenger Cruz Pamoana Davis-Tuka, aged 21, also face charges of concealing critical evidence and obstructing police.

An unnamed 20-year-old woman has also been charged, bringing the total to five individuals facing court over the fatal incident. Enforced strict bail conditions have been applied to Savignano, prohibiting her use of social media. All five are yet to enter pleas and are due to next appear in court on September 26th.

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