Swift Police Response Foils Armed Carjacking Attempt in West Auckland


An armed man who attempted to carjack two vehicles in West Auckland was met with a swift response from police forces this afternoon. The protagonist of this worrying incident was found engaging in suspicious activity in the suburb of Henderson, prompting police to initiate a strategized intervention.

Renowned Superintendent Shanan Gray, acting District Commander for Waitematā, elaborated on the dramatic series of events. A vehicle of interest in Te Atatū Peninsula had attracted police attention but showed little cooperation when requested to pull over. This prompted a chase which ended at the Lincoln Rd off-ramp.

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Upon reaching this location, the suspect exited his vehicle brandishing a firearm. He unsuccessfully attempted to commandeer two nearby vehicles, one of which collided with him. Armed officers immediately moved to confront the man, who disregarded their warnings and sought refuge in a nearby truck.

In response to this escalating threat, police fired numerous rounds at the suspect. Upon securing the scene, they provided first aid to the man, who had sustained non-life-threatening gunshot injuries. Superintendent Gray praised the swift actions of his staff, acknowledging the alarming nature of the incident and its impact on the afternoon’s commuters.

In the aftermath, the police are assessing potential charges against the offender in question. The immediate area has been temporarily closed off for a thorough examination, promising some degree of delay for motorists.

One shaken motorist, who was nearby during the tense ordeal, recounted how he had watched the offender attacking a car window with, what he now understands, was his gun. Watching the incident through his rear-view mirror, he witnessed police fire at the suspect. An unsettling realization occurred when the man discovered his own car had been unlocked the entire time.

Video footages hint at a chase between police officers and the armed suspect before shots rang out. Witnesses recall observing a red, damaged vehicle being pursued by law enforcement before it collided with another car. The offender was then seen attempting to seize control of a nearby truck.

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