Swift Electric Vehicle Evolution Energizes Saskatoon’s Sask-EV Organizers


A tangible sense of anticipation pulsates throughout the Saskatoon-based organizers of Sask-EV, as they bear witness to the swift evolution of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Unwavering are their eyes as they watch the wheels of electric transportation continually gain momentum.

The Saskatoon Electric Vehicle Expo, fondly known as Charged-Up, is fast becoming a vibrant nucleus of activity for avid EV devotees and ground-breaking innovators. Firmly on display is the remarkable trajectory of growth in the electric transportation realm.

From 2018 onwards, a network of rapid EV chargers has proliferated throughout the province, including the city of Saskatoon and its major highways. The President of Sask-EV, Malcolm Lucy, pointed out that vehicles coming from the production lines of automakers other than Tesla, are now tapping into these networks. This newfound access ensures the charging process is significantly simpler and offers drivers greater flexibility regarding their travel plans.

This transition is clearly noticeable – not only in the proliferation of the novel charging infrastructure but also in the wide variety of EV models that are now hitting the roads.

Taking up the mantle, local firms are stepping into the fray and making noteworthy contributions. A firm based in Saskatoon recently unveiled an EV purposely designed to transport miners to their work sites.

Perhaps one of the more awe-inspiring exhibits was the brainchild of engineering student, Myles Wright. Infusing innovation with nostalgia, Wright breathed new life into a 1970s Dodge half-ton truck. Once donned a gas-guzzler, the vehicle was given a revolutionary upgrade, converting it into an EV.

“In its original state, it was an average gas-powered vehicle that performed adequately,” Wright elucidated. “However, seeking to bypass the ongoing complications tied to gas usage, I opted to fully embrace the electric route. A sizeable stock of golf cart batteries – roughly totaling 24, along with an electric motor kit, were integral components to this transformation.”

The scenery of EV evolution in Saskatchewan continues to morph at lightning speed. Amidst this atmosphere of robust infrastructural development, Sask-EV asserts that there’s no opportune moment like the present to become an EV owner in the province.

Expos such as Charged-Up persist in offering a pivotal platform, spotlighting the most cutting-edge innovations in the EV sector.


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