Sutton West Retiree Hits Poker Lotto Jackpot Twice


In the quaint community of Sutton West, nestled amidst the tranquil setting of Georgina, fortune favors one of its own with a windfall that has the entire town buzzing with excitement. Jacobus Vandenbrink, a 68-year-old retiree, has had his fair share of the spotlight, not for any glamorous feat of heroism, but for his extraordinary luck at the seemingly innocuous pastime of playing lottery poker games.

On an unremarkable day, February 27th to be exact, Vandenbrink decided to engage in a round of Poker Lotto, a decision which would prove to be spectacularly lucrative. The cards were dealt, and as fate would have it, he struck gold, hitting the Poker Lotto All In jackpot. The win netted him a handsome sum of $49,073.80. But fortune, it seemed, had decided to grace Vandenbrink with more than just a single boon. The instant portion of his lottery ticket padded his newly-acquired riches with an additional $5,000, culminating in a remarkable total of $54,073.80 from a single draw.

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Yet, if that singular instance of luck wasn’t enough to sate the appetite for wonder, Vandenbrink had, earlier in the year, on January 25th, already experienced the rush of victory. He revealed an equally impressive winning hand, securing another Poker Lotto All In jackpot. This time the prize money amounted to $52,426.30, coupled with the consistent $5,000 instant prize, setting his winnings earlier in the year to a splendid total of $57,426.30.

Within the OLG Prize Centre’s walls in Toronto, Vandenbrink, a figure of contentment and disbelief, shared his incredulity. The randomness of such luck was not lost on him; as he stood there with his earnings, he admitted to the seemingly arbitrary nature of his wins. He couldn’t select his numbers, he insisted—they simply emerged, a spiel of randomized fortune that favored him, not once, but twice.

The joy from such an unexpectedly prosperous events was a sentiment he eagerly disseminated, his happiness finding an echo in the reactions of friends and family whom he eagerly informed. It wasn’t just the winnings, but the shared experience of serendipity that made his windfall a collective celebration.

With a combined boon of $111,500.10 weighing comfortably in his possession, Vandenbrink is yet to earmark specific plans for his newfound wealth. For now, the Keswick Variety Store on The Queensway in Keswick, the purveyor of his lucky tickets, basks in the glow of facilitating a customer’s good fortune.

As the people of Georgina and beyond hear of Vandenbrink’s story, they are reminded of the capriciousness of luck and the potential for sudden wealth that lies dormant in the everyday. It prompts many to wonder about the allure of games of chance—what draws individuals to them, and what keeps them engaged.

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