Susquehanna’s $1.2B Bitcoin ETF Investment Shakes Financial World


Susquehanna International Group, a global titan in asset management whose forte lies in handling a slew of financial products, just disclosed a hefty investment in Bitcoin. According to a statement filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 7, the group’s holdings in spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) during the initial quarter of 2024 approximated $1.2 billion.

What catches attention in this move is the sheer scale and scope of the investment. The Fed’s data shows that Susquehanna now possesses nearly 17.3 million shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). This trust alone, as of March end, commanded a jaw-dropping worth of about $1.09 billion, thereby comprising a significant chunk of the total Bitcoin investment. This particular investment trend seems to emphasize Susquehanna’s confidence in Grayscale, mainly attributed to its high liquidity.

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Susquehanna’s financial tactics didn’t just stop at Grayscale; its portfolio reveals a well-thought-out diverse plan. An impressive 1.35 million shares belong to Fidelity’s Spot Bitcoin ETF (FBTC), clocked at around $83.74 million. Additionally, the firm has heavily bolstered its position in the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), an ETF offering exposure to Bitcoin’s future contracts. By the end of March, Susquehanna held over 7.9 million shares in BITO, translating to a hefty $255.42 million. This represents a significant leap of 57.59% from a previous tally in February where shares stood at just a little over 5 million.

Hand-in-hand with Susquehanna’s stakes in GBTC and FBTC, the firm’s Bitcoin ETF portfolio also boasts stakes in other prominent funds. Some of these include BlackRock ETF, ARK21 ETF, Bitwise ETF, Valkyrie ETF, Invesco Galaxy ETF, VanEck ETF Trust, and WisdomTree ETF. This eclectic choice of funds is a testament to Susquehanna’s holistic strategy to tap into the different facets of Bitcoin’s investment potential.

The enormity of this development spurred industry leaders into action. Julian Fahrer, CEO and co-founder of Apollo, commented on this turning point, stating unreservedly, “HUGE: Susquehanna International Group is the most gigantic Bitcoin ETF whale yet! $1.2 Billion held across 10 ETFs! The Monster Whales have arrived.” His exhilarated endorsement resonates with the growing wave of optimism and institutional curiosity in the realm of cryptocurrency investments.

However, it’s crucial to note that despite such extensive stakes, Bitcoin still occupies a relatively minuscule slice of Susquehanna’s total portfolio pie. As of now, the firm’s total investments tower over $575.8 billion. Thus, the $1.2 billion in Bitcoin ETFs makes up a tiny 0.22% of the entire holdings, suggesting a prudent yet decidedly essential foray into digital asset territory.

Susquehanna’s move plays a pivotal role in shaping market trends. Though Bitcoin ETFs had a fiery kickoff and have experienced fluctuating interest recently, the surge in institutional investments, as mirrored by Susquehanna’s actions, could bolster Bitcoin’s credibility and stability in the financial asset landscape.

Besides direct exposure to Bitcoin, Susquehanna also reported indirect involvement via its MicroStrategy stock holdings. MicroStrategy holds a significant Bitcoin reserve on its balance sheet. However, in a recent portfolio reshuffling, Susquehanna scaled back its stake in MicroStrategy by nearly 15%, fine-tuning its exposure in harmony with strategic investment modulations.

At the time of reporting, one Bitcoin traded for $62,352.