Suspended Teacher Found Culpable Of Sexual Interference, Assault


A junior high music teacher who was recently suspended has been found culpable of sexual interference and sexual assault of male student, 15, in 2016.

However, during her reading of 21-oage decision Thursday, the Edmonton Court of Queen’s bench Judge, Susan Bercov, poked holes at some of the allegations from the two parties.
The judge also stated that a publication ban on the credentials of the female teacher even though local media had already released the identity of the 30-year-old teacher.

The student’s name has remained protected by the ban for the last four years, and now he is aged 20.

The judge read that she does not doubt that the ex-teacher engaged in sexual relations with the 20-year-old, which she added is inappropriate, and that spending alone together, driving the young man home, and sharing lunches together crosses the line and goes beyond what is acceptable professionally.

The student said that they engage in sexual intercourse on a number of instances.
The teacher said they did have sexual intercourse once with the young student in the basement of a cousin’s home, but added that he forced things with her.

The student noted that they engaged in intercourse after both had talked and agreed to go ahead with it.

The court determined that they were both willing partners, although the teacher said that she was assaulted.

Judge Bercov said she was struggling to believe the allegations presented by both sides.
She set the date for sentencing as September, 3rd. In the meantime, the ex-teacher remains free after the court granted her bail.


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