Suspect in Saulnier Double-Murder Apprehended After Four-Year Investigation


Four years after the brutal double-murder of the elderly couple, Rose-Marie and Bernard Saulnier, 27-year-old Janson Bryan Baker has been apprehended and indicted. This announcement was made on the poignant anniversary of the couple’s premature departure, as Baker found himself facing two counts of first-degree murder.

Originally from Moncton, Baker is alleged to have been involved in the grim circumstances surrounding the deaths of Rose-Marie, 74, and Bernard Saulnier, 78. The couple’s bodies were tragically discovered within their Amirault Street residence during the early afternoon of September 7, 2019.

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Noted for its intricate complexity and challenging details, the case took the New Brunswick RCMP a considerable four years to piece together. Staff Sgt. Jean-Marc Paré of the major crime unit has described the progress of the investigation as “exceptionally tricky.”

Paré conveyed the sentiments of many during a recent media conference, stating, “This was a revolting crime against two members of the community who were greatly cherished. Our investigators have put consistent effort into bringing the perpetrators of this act to justice.”

While refraining from providing explicit details about the potential motivation behind the homicides, Paré cited the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Presently, Baker is in the custody of the Atlantic Institution, a federal corrections facility situated in Renous, New Brunswick. His detention stems from an array of unrelated charges pending against Baker awaiting a court hearing.

The year prior, Baker, then 24, was the focus of a provincial emergency alert triggered by an incident in which a teacher at Riverview High School was wounded in a shooting. Subsequently, Baker was charged with attempted murder, along with 15 other offenses linked to the shooting incident.

It has been asserted by law enforcement officers that Baker’s earlier charges have no connection to the Saulnier homicides. However, Baker has been identified as linked to individuals who were investigated as part of a provincial RCMP drug-trafficking probe known as J-Trilogy.

Inspector Chantal Farrah confirmed Baker’s association, but declined to comment further. She stated that considering the investigation is ongoing and issues are still before the courts, it would be inappropriate to provide additional commentary or connections.

The J-Trilogy inquiry, initiated in January 2019, recently led to a significant drug bust in June 2023. Authorities seized 14 kilograms of methamphetamine, over 900 grams of cocaine, numerous firearms, and nearly $40,000 in cash. Eight individuals, including five men and three women, were apprehended for charges connected to drug trafficking.