Suspect Apprehended in Ambush Murder of LA Sheriff’s Deputy


Following a lengthy standoff, a 29-year-old man alleged to have murdered a sheriff’s deputy from Los Angeles County, was finally apprehended on Monday. However, the motive behind the chilling act of violence remains obscure to date.

Kevin Cataneo Salazar has been charged with catching Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, aged 30, off guard and shooting him while he was stationery at a traffic light in his patrol vehicle on Saturday. This incident was recounted by the Los Angeles Sheriff, Robert Luna.

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It was on Monday, only after the authorities initiated the release of chemical agents at his place of residence, that Salazar acceded to surrender. Sheriff Luna labeled the assailant a “coward,” condemning the tragic taking of Clinkunbroomer’s life as he was poised at the red light, ready to serve the community.

A civilian discovered Clinkunbroomer, who was engaged just four days prior to the lethal incident, with deadly injuries near his assigned sheriff’s station in Palmdale around 6 pm on Saturday. Palmdale is situated roughly 60 miles to the north of Los Angeles.

The Sheriff lamented the deputy’s demise stating that he was “murdered – ambushed – by a coward”. The deputy had left the station that day to fulfill his duty and was brutally killed. The reason behind the attack remains unknown. The authorities however, remain committed to uncovering the truth.

In expressing gratitude to the community for pivotal information that led to Salazar’s capture, Luna also lauded the dedication and strenuous efforts of his deputies amidst their profound sorrow. Luna appealed to the public for continued support for deputies the local Palmdale and Lancaster stations and law enforcement as a whole.

Tragically, Clinkunbroomer’s killing adds another grim tally to an increasing number of law enforcement officers’ families mourning the loss of loved ones due to ambush attacks this year. According to a recent report from the Fraternal Order of Police, there have been 83 ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers in 2023 alone, resulting in 101 officers being shot, of which 15 cases were fatal.

This latest incident harks back to an attack three years prior where two Los Angeles deputies were caught off guard and shot whilst in their patrol vehicle at a train station.

Clinkunbroomer was a much-respected member of the sheriff’s department and according to Luna, “was just starting his life.” His father and grandfather too had served in the sheriff’s department. Luna evocatively described the deputy as embodying values of bravery and selflessness, deeply committed to justice, and valued both as a dedicated family member and esteemed member of the community.

In the wake of Clinkunbroomer’s passing, his grief-stricken family has requested privacy. Through a statement, they described him as a committed, hard-working deputy sheriff who savored his service at the Palmdale station. Shortly before his demise, he had got engaged to his sweetheart. As their eldest son, Ryan’s absence leaves a significant void in the family, his circle of friends, and the sheriff’s department.

Although a suspect has been remanded in custody, Sheriff Luna informs that the investigation is not over. He encourages the public to come forward with any pertinent photographs, video footage or information regarding the fatal ambush.