Surging Solana Eyes $172 Resistance Amid Bullish Momentum


In the fluctuating realm of finance, the cryptocurrency, Solana (SOL), could very well shift the scales in its favor, given its recent performance. This burgeoning cryptocurrency found substantial support at approximately $160, managing to maintain its standing in spite of the volatility inherent in the market. Currently, SOL price is witnessing a gradual upsurge and could potentially pick up a bullish momentum if it manages to cross the $172 resistance reliance.

The performance of the cryptocurrency had dipped slightly, testing the waters at the $160 support line against the US dollar. But displaying a commendable resilience, the price rose, ascertaining a position above $165 as well as the 100-hourly simple moving average. In a significant development, SOL broke away from a primary bearish trend line with a resistance at $164, further reinforcing its standing.

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This development heralds the potential for the cryptocurrency to cross the crucial $172 resistance, given it manages to maintain its position above $165.

The SOL price established its stronghold at approximately $160, propelling an emerging recovery wave. In spite of underperforming relative to Bitcoin and Ethereum, SOL managed to clear the $165 resistance level. Not only did it shatter the bearish trend line, but it also spiked above the $170 mark.

Trading wise, Solana is clocking in prices above $165 and the 100-hourly simple moving average. The threshold of immediate resistance now rests near the $170 mark with the next significant resistance level rope-tied to the $171 mark. A triumphant surge above the $172 resistance level could stimulate another major hike for the digital coin.

Another commendable resistance lies at approximately $176, or alternatively, at the 76.4% Fib retracement level regarding the downfall from the swing high of $181 to the low point of $160. Any additional leaps could propel the price towards the sought-after $180 benchmark.

However, in the event of SOL failing to uplift beyond the $172 resistance, it could perhaps find itself in the throes of another downturn. Initial support on the downside is around the $167 mark, following which its significant support lies at about the $165 level. Dropping further could lead it to a testing point of $160. Failure to maintain the count above the $160 support could potentially result in a downfall toward the $150 support.

The technical indicators for Solana paint a fascinating picture. The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicates that bullish momentum for SOL is losing pace. The RSI or the Relative Strength Index places SOL below the 50 level, indicating neutrality in market behavior. Major support and resistance levels have, therefore, been established at $165, $160, $170, $172, and $180 respectively.

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