Super Bowl Parade Turns Tragic: DJ Dead, 21 Injured in Shooting


In the aftermath of a jubilant Super Bowl victory parade that painted Kansas City, Mo. red in commemoration of the Chiefs’ recent triumph, tragedy struck. What was intended to be a day of celebration and communal pride turned to chaos and heartbreak when a mass shooting erupted, leaving one person dead and twenty-one injured.

Wednesday’s event descended into horror outside of Union Station as shots rang out, piercing the festive air. Among the wounded, eight were left grappling with injuries deemed “immediately life-threatening” by the Kansas City Fire Department. An additional seven individuals suffered serious wounds, with six others enduring lesser injuries, according to reports from local station KMBC.

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Heartbreakingly, the incident did not spare even the youngest attendees, with eleven children included among the casualties. Nine of these children, aged six to fifteen, bore the brunt of the violence, sustaining gunshot injuries. They were promptly transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital, where intense medical attention was provided. Early reports conveyed guarded optimism from the hospital staff regarding the children’s prognosis.

Adult victims of the calamitous outbreak of violence received care at Truman Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital. In a particularly poignant revelation, the individual who lost their life was identified: DJ Lisa Lopez, whose voice was well-known to KKFI radio listeners as the host of “Taste of Tejano.” Her loss resonated deeply within the Kansas City community, which responded with an outpouring of grief and condolences.

Law enforcement officials reported the apprehension of three individuals following the shooting, leaving charges and their involvement yet to be disclosed. Eyewitness accounts noted that Chiefs fans played a role in detaining one of the suspects, showcasing both their bravery and the tight-knit character of the city’s residents.

The violence struck close to home for the Chiefs’ players, who witnessed the event, stricken with shock. Amidst their disbelief, some players extended comfort to distraught onlookers, doing their part to uplift a community in sudden mourning. As players shared tangible symbols of hope and solidarity, such as Trey Smith’s offering of a WWE title belt, the city’s resolve was tested but not shattered.

Expressions of sorrow and outrage were vocalized from various fronts, including Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves, who lamented the breach of safety on what should have been a secure, celebratory occasion. The Kansas City Chiefs organization echoed this sentiment, extending their sympathy to those affected and reinforcing their ties to the heartbroken community.

Only days prior to this devastating event, the Chiefs had achieved a hard-fought victory over the San Francisco 49ers, concluding the Super Bowl LVIII with a winning score of 25-22 in the luminescent environs of Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium.

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