Super Bowl LVIII Frenzy Skyrockets Vegas Strip Room Rates


As the final whistle blew to confirm the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers as the contenders for Super Bowl LVIII, the implications of the match extend far beyond the chalk lines of the field, especially for Las Vegas. The much-anticipated clash is poised to catalyze a surge in room rates along the glitzy Las Vegas Strip, potentially shattering previous records.

In a year-over-year comparison, Las Vegas is playing in a whole new ballpark. The bustling entertainment capital of the world is witnessing staggering room rates for the upcoming Super Bowl weekend, with industry giants Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International listing their accommodations at an average of $800 per night. This marks a significant spike from the $300 nightly rates observed in Phoenix during last year’s Super Bowl, highlighting the city’s unparalleled allure as a hotbed for major events.

Barry Jonas, a seasoned Truist Securities analyst, has meticulously sifted through a swath of data and emerged with a compelling narrative. “The Super Bowl is shaping up to become a material event,” Jonas asserted, noting, “Room-survey data suggests a significant average-daily-room rate uplift across properties.” The findings indicate that the most coveted premium Strip accommodations are already off the market, having been snapped up through digital channels well in advance.

Beyond the confines of the plush high-end resorts, Super Bowl LVIII’s economic ripple is forecast to wash over a broader spectrum of the Strip’s accommodations – a contrast to the more concentrated benefits experienced during November’s Las Vegas Grand Prix. While the Grand Prix’s economic upshots were largely reaped by the luxe casino hotels, the upcoming football finale stands to bolster income across a wider gamut, including those esteemed as medium-tier properties.

Jonas goes on to illustrate how the Super Bowl could act as a bulwark against any potential softness in Las Vegas hotel room rates in March, a concern following the vacancy left by the CON/AGG convention, as well as compensating for recent weaknesses that shadowed this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Complementing this robust sector outlook, Jonas has cast a keen eye on a suite of ancillary factors that could impact Vegas Strip hotels. For one, MGM’s recent increase in resort fees at select high-end destinations, though a thorn in the side of guests, is predicted to buoy first-quarter earnings, painting a bullish picture for stakeholders.

Moreover, even as the Fontainebleau Las Vegas makes its grand entrance onto the Strip, it doesn’t appear to be denting room prices at established rivals, instead maintaining a steady pace, outstripping the fluctuating fortunes of Resorts World Las Vegas, which has seen its initial vigor wane since its 2021 inauguration.

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