Super Bowl Champ Travis Kelce Hosts Prime Video’s New Show ‘Are You Smarter than a Celebrity?’


Far from the tumultuous bustle of the NFL off-season, Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII-winning tight end, Travis Kelce, finds himself immersed in an altogether different field. Rather than preparing for on-field showdowns, Kelce has been engrossed in a new venture that combines entertainment, wit, and a sprinkle of stardom.

Enter Prime Video’s latest offering, a game show provocatively titled “Are You Smarter than a Celebrity?”, where the charismatic NFL star has swapped his football helmet for the polished, glittering shoes of a host. The streaming giant confirmed the show’s production on Tuesday, revealing that the filming for a substantial 20-episode rookie season is already in the can.

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“Are You Smarter than a Celebrity?” is a cheeky reinterpretation of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”. The erstwhile television quiz show, helmed by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, first graced our television screens in 2007 via Fox and was later picked up in syndication. The program experienced a resurgence in 2019, finding a new home at Nickelodeon, with John Cena at the hosting helm.

Taking a leaf out of its predecessor’s book, Kelce’s version spices up the formulaic quiz structure, pitting an adult contestant against a rostrum of glittering celebrities. The contenders face a volley of 11 questions, each inspired by the elementary school curriculum, where they have the option to solicit assistance from the celebrity panel. The stakes reach a crescendo with the final sixth-grade curriculum question – a staggering $100,000 hangs in the balance. The rules? Only one celebrity may wade into the discussion and help the contestant decipher the high-stakes query.

Kelce, romantically linked with music heavyweight Taylor Swift, finds himself on cloud nine in his newfound television role. He narrates of his youth, spent enthralled by various game shows, and expresses his exhilaration at tracing the footsteps of television icons who’ve left indelible marks on the industry.

This isn’t Kelce’s maiden voyage into the world of television. The sporting heartthrob took center stage in his 2016 dating competition show “Catching Kelce,” which aired on E!. He even smoothly transitioned into the humor-filled world of “Saturday Night Live” hosting just last year, demonstrating his versatility and charisma beyond the gridiron. Surely, “Are You Smarter than a Celebrity?” marks another significant milestone in Kelce’s teeming career that continues to evolve and enthrall in equal measure.