Super Bowl Bets Surge to $1.25 Billion Forecast


As the anticipation of Super Bowl week swells, so too does the action, with forecasts suggesting a flurry of regulated bets amounting to a staggering $1.25 billion for the upcoming game. Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, Allegiant Stadium—the illustrious abode of the Las Vegas Raiders—is set to host the spectacle that’s expected to attract this hefty sum in stakes.

Such high-rolling predictions come from the analytics bench of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming (EKG), which attributes the Super Bowl’s fame to its status as the most bet-on sporting event across the United States, a fixture that alone captures 1% of the national betting handle. But in their $1.25 billion prophecy, EKG does not venture into revenue semantics, citing the unpredictable nature of profit forecasting.

The true goal for sportsbook operators during this grand event extends beyond mere monetary gains. EKG points out the golden opportunity these platforms have to gain new clientele and usher them towards various betting products. More important is the re-engagement of bettors with the advent of the forthcoming football season. The firm emphasizes the growing popularity of in-game or live betting, predicted to rake in 10% to 15% of the Super Bowl’s total betting handle.

Contrary to the general trend where in-play betting ordinarily takes a larger slice of the pie—FanDuel reports a figure around 44%—Super Bowl in-play action is set to occupy a smaller segment due to recreational bettors who overwhelmingly indulge in pre-match betting.

As online sports betting advances, it has faced its fair share of technological hitches. Overcoming these challenges stands imperative for online wagering houses to nurture consumer trust and secure a competitive edge, particularly in flourishing markets like same-game parlays (SGPs) and live betting segments.

Emerging as the frontrunners for state-level betting handle are Nevada, owing to its flagship role in hosting the event and its distinction as the casino capital, and New York, with its expansive multi-operator sports wagering market. EKG projects 12.8% and 12.4% of the betting handle for Nevada and New York, respectively. Meanwhile, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois complete the quintet leading the pack in projected bets.

Within this landscape of rising and receding state shares in Super Bowl betting, Kansas City Chiefs have emerged as a pregame preference in a sweeping majority of states where major online sportsbook operators lay their scene.

Finally, spotlighting the phenomenon of same-game parlays—EKG approximates they could command up to a quarter of the Super Bowl handle. Such betting blends continue to sway with volatility, yet they remain an alluring prospect for punters looking to score big on football’s most pivotal day.

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