Sunday Meal Prep Tips


I have childhood memories of my nonna as the empress of her kitchen chopping vegetables and bent over a cast iron pan with aromas of her scrumptious dishes filling the air. When I see a pile of fresh colourful vegetables in my modern kitchen, I still feel the urge to take some moments to chop them up and get cooking.

Today, I help people who are short on time, stressed, and constantly ordering out with their organization, nutrition and cooking skills in order to optimize their time and health.

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Here are some simple tips that can help with Sunday prep:

  1. Pick simple but flavorful recipes to create a meal plan and grocery list;
  2. Plan a time slot to shop and cook;
  3. Make hearty salads with crunchy vegetables and keep dressings aside in mason jars until ready to serve;
  4. Double-up on recipes and stock up on frozen meals.

Good food can fuel our wellbeing all week long: from breakfast wraps, oat bowls, parfaits, meals in jars, wholesome muffins and trail mixes to freezable dishes; a host of inspirations are at our fingertips, and they need not be complicated. Here is a quick and easy recipe to get you started:

Make-a-head holy grail breakfast mix

1/2 cup cereal such as raisin bran

2 tbsp quick cooking oats

1 tsp ground flax or chia seeds

2-3 dried prunes or dates

4-5 walnuts or almonds

Mix all ingredient together. When ready to eat, just add your favourite milk – natural yogurt or kefir. If you like it a sweeter taste, add a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup.

Once you discover techniques and flavour boosters, you can use zesty ingredients to make a simple salad sing and spices to make your dishes rock.

The habit of Sunday prep can reduce stress, save money, improve health with a more varied and colourful diet, and allow you time to walk after supper. Involving family and friends can foster responsibility and cement wholesome eating for life.

Food is a joyous experience, and when we eat together we are happier and healthier.