Summer Check Up: How’s Your Summer Going?


by David Manafo

It’s amazing how fast summer can go by. No matter what we do, how we vacation, who we meet, it seems like August is here with a quick turn ready for the Fall to kick in.


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Don’t despair, there’s still about 30% of the summer left! Officially it ends on Sept. 21. So why not do a simple summer check up to make the most of it. Here’s 2 questions to help you start:


Have you renewed?
Who doesn’t look forward to summer to regain some energy, get outside more, or just sit on a porch or terrace. Maybe renewal for you is more active – running, biking, swimming, hiking. Maybe it’s more reflective – reading, solitude, a quiet lake. If 60% of the summer has gone by and you’ve done nothing to renew yourself, it’s likely your fault (unless you’re working on the project of your life or attending to an emergency).

On a family hike in the Adirondacks, Mount Jo

I bet there’s something that will renew you that won’t even cost you a penny. Go the old port, take a walk in pointe-claire village, sit on your deck early in the morning, or take a drive to the closest mountain for a hike. Whatever that is for you, do it.


Have you related?
Summer is an amazing time to reconnect with friends or make some new ones. It’s so much easier to walk across the street and share a drink with a neighbour or plan an outing with friends. With school and the sun out, dinner can go longer followed by a family walk or swim to digest.


You’re wired for relationships, even if it’s just a few. But new and old relationships need some attention, and summer provides some great motivation for it!

View from the Clock Tower (Old Port)

You’ve got about 30 days left to do something ‘summery’ that renews you or use the season to nurture your closest or newest relationships.


Jesus said: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Point some love towards some people… and make sure you love yourself a little too. I believe he knew instinctively that it’s hard to love people if you don’t love yourself and you’ll struggle to love yourself when you’re not loving people. Do both before the summer ends!


David Manafo is a local DDO resident who loves seeing his neighbourhood and city flourish. Happily married with two kids, he is the pastor of the Westside Gathering, a local church in DDO. You can find more pics of his summer pursuits on Instagram @davidmanafo