Suge Knight Reveals True Identity of Tupac’s Killer in Shocking Disclosure


Suge Knight, renowned record magnate, and the man who was behind the wheel of the black BMW during the infamous shooting of rap icon Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas over two decades ago, recently disclosed to TMZ that he knows the true identity of the killer. Dismissing long-held beliefs, Knight clarifies that it was not Orlando Anderson, a South Side Crips gang affiliate, who had long been suspected of committing the historic assassination.

In the ensuing moments capturing Shakur and Knight in a candid photograph, the rap legend fell victim to the fatal shooting. Views shifted dramatically when Keith “Keffe D” Davis, a suspect in the murder investigation, was appreharked by the Las Vegas Metro last week.

Davis, a 60-year-old past member of the South Side Crips street outfit, was not only apprehended but promptly charged with murder committed using a lethal weapon. The pronouncement stemmed from the details of Davis’ role in masterminding the crime and providing the firearm, despite not directly pulling the trigger himself.

Theories abounded, attributing the actual shooting to Anderson, Davis’ nephew. In an ironic twist, Davis confessed in a self-authored book in 2019 to having handed over the murder weapon to Anderson. Anderson himself fell victim to gang violence in 1998.

In the state of Nevada, aiding or abetting a murder is grounds for a murder charge. The real perpetrator was revealed to be another member of the South Side Crips, dispelling the shroud of mystery encircling the event. A masked informant enlightened a Las Vegas grand jury last week, pointing to DeAndre Smith and Anderson as decisive figures in the crime as they rode in the backseat of the notorious white Cadillac with Davis and Terrence Brown.

The anonymous gang member divulged crucial information to the grand jury, stating that because of Smith’s immense size, Anderson had no clear shot, suggesting Smith fired the shots himself.

Knight, however, has affirmed to TMZ that he will abstain from providing testimony in Davis’ trial if called upon. His vehement loyalty to Davis overrides the shocking confession, promising to never besmirch Davis’ reputation. Knight communicated his decision from San Diego’s RJ Donovan Correctional Facility, where he is currently serving a 28-year sentence for a 2015 fatal hit and run.

What remains of the six individuals involved in the historic murder—four in the Cadillac and the other two in the targeted BMW—are Knight and Davies themselves. The motive behind Shakur’s murder is believed to be a response to the beating Anderson received from Tupac’s crew, who were tied to a rival gang, the Mob Piru Bloods in Compton, California.

In a final turn of events, Davis, is now detained without bail and is slated for a court appearance for his arraignment on Wednesday.

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