Striking Staff Demand Better Pay across UK Universities


Last week, five universities in Scotland echoed with the chants of striking staff members, just one facet of a larger demonstration making waves across over 50 universities in the UK. Initially, these actions were meant to take place at an even wider range, encompassing more than 140 institutions, but many opted to call off the strike following fruitful negotiations.

These demonstrations are part of an enduring conflict spearheaded by the University and College Union (UCU), pushing fervently for better pay and job security. While staunchly advocating for an above-inflation raise and a departure from unstable contracts, the UCU underscores that the clash is targeted primarily at the most grievous employers.

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Consequently, UCU members at 42 universities embarked on a five-day strike, while staff at 10 additional institutions demonstrated for a single day. Despite the intensity of the disagreement, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA), maintains that this year’s pay deal, ranging between 5% and 8%, holds the record as the most generous over the past two decades.

Yet amid the tumult of these strikes, it is the students who frequently bear the brunt of the repercussions, watching their education suffer due to discontinued classes and delayed grades, a fact poignantly captured by the account of Sadie Roberts, a 19-year-old English and language student at the University of Sheffield.

And it isn’t just the students who suffer. On the flip side, the narrative of Bee Hughes, a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, tells a tale of struggle and uncertainty. After enduring eight years of temporary contracts, the precarious work conditions nearly compelled Hughes to relinquish their academic pursuits.

Despite the UCEA’s stance, emphasizing their willingness to tackle staff concerns and acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the UCU labels this year’s raise as a pay cut in real terms. Despite most strikes being called off, the feeling in the air suggests that this dispute is far from resolved, with the UCU gearing up for another round of votes to establish its strike mandate for the coming year.

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