Stride Partners with Namada: Revolutionizing Data Security with Liquid Staking Tokens


In a ground-breaking announcement, Stride, the multi-chain liquid staking protocol, has heralded its integration with Namada, an avant-garde shielded multi-asset hub. The incorporation promises to bolster Namada’s shielded set using Stride’s signature liquid staking tokens (LSTs).

This alliance is all set to redefine data security standards for participants on the platform, extending top-tier data protection to all LSTs. Historically significant liquid staking tokens of Stride such as stATOM, stTIA, stDYDX, among others, can now be utilized on the Namada platform. The consequent ripple effect will be majorly advantageous for the users as they can bolster their opportunities to gain rewards for safeguarding the multichain.

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Leveraging the power of Namada’s multi-asset shielded pool (MASP), Stride’s LST holders will now be in the driver’s seat to gain from $NAM shielding rewards, while concurrently playing a decisive role in fortifying Namada’s shielded set.

Dieter Fishbein, CCO of Heliax, the public goods lab that is the driving force behind the success of Namada, held forth on the integration. He expressed pleasure at Stride’s strategic decision, stating that their decision to introduce Namada shielding for all Stride LSTs users was pivotal and would bring in a notable transformation. According to Fishbein, it represents a significant step toward the overarching goal of proliferating data protection capabilities to DeFi, while extending it to the whole crypto ecosystem as well.

The evolution of Stride Protocol’s LSTs will now evolve due to the integration. Liquid staking, unlike its counterpart traditional staking, allows users to optimize the value locked in their staking assets. Traditional staking permits users to receive rewards for securing blockchain, but it restricts the deployment of the staked assets in other DeFi protocols. The integration pivotally allows Stride protocol’s LSTs to find utility within Namada’s shielded set, providing users options to keep the tokens shielded on the platform for additional rewards.

Of significant mention is that the LSTs deployed on Namada’s shielded set will now qualify for both shielding and staking rewards, detailed as $NAM tokens. In other words, users of Stride’s LST would experience expanded earning opportunities on the same assets while also extending high-quality data protection to users on Namada.

Stride Contributor, John Galt lauded the integration as a win-win situation, wherein Stride LSTs users can garner staking rewards on their Cosmos tokens concurrently while using Namada’s shielded pool and amassing NAM shielding rewards.

Zero-knowledge technology forms the backbone of Namada’s functionalities enabling users to maintain absolute control over the sharing of their personal data in on-chain activities. Tailored to provide modular data protection capabilities to all existing blockchain networks or decentralized applications, Namada supports shielded cross-chain transfers.

The integration is set to provide an added layer of robustness to Namada’s shielded set, as the data protection level escalates in tandem with an increase in assets, specifically LSTs, within the platform’s MASP.

Holders of LSTs now have an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to enhancing security and privacy within multi-chains in the shielded set and benefit in return gains for bolstering data protection. This will elevate the level of data protection, providing the added advantage to users who can transact and hold tokens and NFTs, simultaneously exercising absolute control over the sharing of their personally identifiable information. An additional advantage being that the users can continue to shield their data while interacting with transparent blockchains and seeding new accounts.