Strictly Come Dancing Returns: Celebrities Gear Up for Dancefloor Excitement


In a few days, the sound of rustling sequins and satin will resonate in living rooms across the UK. The much-awaited show, Strictly Come Dancing, is poised for return, promising to dazzle audiences with spray-tanned celebrities learning new steps with professionals on the dancefloor.

The grand drama begins this Saturday where viewers shall witness the pairing of their favorite stars during the show’s launch. Junctures of fun-filled revelry await as this year’s stars, ranging from Adam to Zara, share their off-stage antics.

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Adam Thomas, Emmerdale’s star, is rife with anticipation and dread. His children, aged nine and five, have enthusiastically begun teaching him moves, despite his admission of being dance-inept. His twin Scott and brother Ryan chuckled at his participation on the show. Despite these friendly jests, Adam is determined to showcase his progress through the series. He confesses his sensitive spirit, fearing a harsh critique from Craig Revel Horwood may bring him to tears. Above all, he hopes to impress his wife with his dance prowess.

Amanda Abbington, known for her roles in Sherlock and Mr Selfridge, compares her foray on Strictly to a blind flight. The rigorous training has brought her face to face with the need for peak physical fitness. On having her personal life scrutinized, she finds the balancing act manageable, keeping the inclusion of her children limited until they choose to partake.

Angela Rippon, the former host of Come Dancing and presenter of Rip-Off Britain, carries the honor of being the show’s oldest contestant. Approaching her 79th birthday, she sees dancing as an elixir of longevity and endorses it for people of all age groups, even those in their 20s and 30s overlooking the horizon of old age.

Angela Scanlon, the Irish TV presenter, anticipates the lively Charleston dance with enthusiasm while expressing trepidation towards slower dances like the Rumba. Her two daughters – her oldest of five years, and the baby who is blissfully oblivious – have their own box, collecting sequins and left-over costume pieces from the show in anticipation.

Annabel Croft, the presenter and former tennis player, equates the chance to partner-up with professional dancers on Strictly to playing with tennis maestro Roger Federer. She talks about her excitement for the show’s deeply emotional music, made even more sensational by a live band.

Youthful EastEnders actor and model, Bobby Brazier, credits the advice on eating right to help him make it through the show. Seemingly unconcerned about his public image and high expectations pinned on him, he looks forward to constructive feedback from the judges and might even respond depending on his mood and the amount of rest he has had.

The stand-up comedian and presenter of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Official UK Afrobeats Chart Show, Eddie Kadi, describes his invitation to Strictly as a surreal moment. His fellow contestants have taken note of his African heritage in complementing his hip movements, to which Kadi seems only eager to bring these characteristic movements to the fore.

Ellie Leach, known for her role as Faye Windass in Coronation Street, is grateful for the presence of familiar faces. As she steps away from the soap, her full energies are now directed towards the dance show.

Paralympian Jody Cundy feels the excitement of Strictly far outweighs the adrenaline rush of competing in the Paralympics. His goal is to inspire people with disabilities to take up sport and get active. The terror of dancing in front of millions of viewers however, he concedes, is another ball game entirely.

While newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy has turned down prior opportunities to appear on Strictly, the seriousness of recent years has prompted him to experience something more enjoyable and lighter. With existing health issues, he feels this might be his last opportunity to seize the moment.

West End star Layton Williams promises to bring authentic representation of different dress styles and moods on the Strictly dance floor. Also, an actor from TV series Bad Education and I Hate Suzie, Williams is absolutely thrilled with his given dance partner.

Veteran actor Les Dennis looks forward to the iconic experience of getting “Strictly-fied” on the ritual stage. He credits his acting career for preparing him for the unique challenges that the show presents, including daring and varied costumes. He is also excited to challenge his comfort zones entering his 71st year.

Also joining the cast is former EastEnders actor, Nigel Harman. Finding the experience of Strictly a bit overwhelming, he offers meditation sessions to calm frantic nerves.

Asian Network Breakfast host Nikita Kanda looks forward to a grueling training schedule and resolves to learn her dance steps even during her radio show. The upbeat and carefree spirit of any party or club dance seems to be her signature move.

Zara McDermott, the documentary maker and Love Island participant, looks forward to the presence of her parents in the audience every single week. Keenly aware of Strictly’s royal enthusiast, she hopes Queen Camilla may tune in to watch her performance. Now representing herself as a reality TV icon, she is eager to change the perception around reality TV.