Stressed with back to school during a pandemic, CBD may help

Are you stressed with back to school with COVID? If you said “yes,” you’re not alone. Being anxious after months of pandemic protocols, social distancing and wearing masks makes it perfectly normal to be concerned about sending your kids back to school. A recent study of 2,000 parents showed 82 percent were also cautious about sending their kids back to school this year.
Chronic and long-term stress can have many physical effects, which may include inflammation, insomnia and panic attacks – Thankfully, several studies have shown that cannabidiol, better known as CBD, can ease these stress-related symptoms.
Here are 4 CBD products that have helped me with the back to school stress:

CBD Zen Green Tea

Start your day with a calming and antioxidant-rich green tea infused with CBD. This will help you relax and be less anxious throughout the day.

Cannabis Salve

The healing cannabis salve is a powerful topical that be used for aches and pains, migraines, skin irritations and menstrual cramps alike. Using this type of topical provides you with quick relief without any psychoactive effects.


Flawless CBD Oil is known to help with a multitude of illnesses, some of which are anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. Consistently taking a dose reviewed by a health practitioner, can present many benefits for both physical and mental health.
Cannabis Bath Bomb – Cannabis infused bath bombs are great for total body relaxation without any psychoactive reactions. Great way to spend those evenings where you need some “me time”.
In the West Island you may consult with  Their mandate is to guide people through the process of getting you set with a medical professional.


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