Stress management 101


by Isabelle Lipari

Stress has become the source of many illnesses and ailments: high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, mental health issues, insomnia, weight loss or gain, some cancers, digestive problems and many more…

Managing your stress level is probably a very important way to prevent those diseases. It is actually very difficult to decrease stress levels in our busy lives today. Better managing stress seems the way to go.

Here are some simple tips to help you manage your daily stress (so you don’t look like the woman in the picture):

Know how to identify stress symptoms in your body on a daily basis (these may include stomach cramps, headaches, palpitations, cold sweat, numbness in extremities…)

Evaluate your stress level on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the maximum level of stress you are able to take). You must try to keep your stress level between 4 and 7

Here are some easy solutions:

3 or 4 deep abdominal breaths several times a day

Isometrics muscle contractions

Relaxing music, nature/water sounds or a water fountain

Yoga or meditation sessions

Walking with deep breathing

If you are experiencing a very difficult situation that is out of your control, do not hesitate to ask for help or support from a friend, family member or health professional. It is not a sign of weakness! It is a sign of intelligence.


Isabelle Lipari, President and founder of Aveolancis corporate health, author and public speaker

Isabelle has a Bachelor of Commerce, she is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness specialist.

When Isabelle was only 8 years old, she lost her mother to cancer and when she turned 30, she was also diagnosed with cancer. Very early, she understood the importance of health. In 2007, she launched Aveolancis, and since then has dedicated her life mission to the promotion of health and wellness. She is the author of the book “21 days to change your lifestyle habits”.

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