Stormy Romance: Couple Marries Amidst Post-Tropical Storm Lee


Despite the unexpected impact of post-tropical storm Lee, Sarah and Dave Roy saw their wedding day as a shimmering beacon for their future, rather than a disruption. Rain lashed down in sheets, the wind howling with ferocity late on that Saturday afternoon in St. Stephen, N.B. And yet, all this tumult did nothing to quell the joyous spirit of the couple, who stood resolute, their vows echoing through the Garcelon Civic Centre.

To the backdrop of the relentless storm, approximately 130 guests, composed of friends and family, were alternately moved to laughter, tears, and thoughtful silence, witnessing the couple’s vow exchange beneath a bloom-adorned arch – a tableau of white, green, and brown hues. Amid these promises of lifelong commitment, the groom pledged an unyielding supply of wonton soup, while the bride assured her spouse the occasional victory in cribbage.

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Following this successful adaptation to plans originally marred by the storm’s surprise arrival, the Roys now harbor a newfound resilience towards any potential challenges their married life might throw at them. Sarah Roy reflected on this unwavering optimism saying, “The privilege of marrying Dave renders any location irrelevant. My friends, family, the ones who were destined to be here, they stand by my side. We revel in this joy where we stand.

The initial wedding preparations had to confront numerous hurdles even before post-tropical storm Lee surfaced, including Sarah Roy’s painful decision to relinquish her dream wedding location due to an impending sale. Their second plan was to hold the ceremony at St. Stephen Wharf. However, the storm dashed those hopes long before it embarked on its disruptive path through Atlantic Canada, resulting in the comprehensive transformation of the civic centre, originally deemed the reception location, into the venue for the entire celebration.

In spite of the stress invoked by the storm’s untimely arrival, Dave Roy expressed relief that their plans were holding steady, “Despite the obstacles, our loved ones are here, and thus far, all has gone according to plan.” He optimistically added, “So far, it’s been a success.”

Sarah Roy revealed that she had “always had a crush” on her now-husband since he had been her wrestling coach years earlier. After a couple of years apart, they rekindled their connection in 2017 at a bar in St. Andrews, N.B. She knew then that he was the one, unabashedly declaring to her parents, “I’m going to marry him, no matter what it takes.”

Subsequent to their engagement in November 2021, their path to marriage went on hold while Sarah established herself in her career as a neurosurgery nurse, and as they celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Wren. This delay worked in their favor as it enabled the realisation of most elements of Sarah Roy’s fairytale wedding.

In adherence to old traditions, Sarah wore her late grandmother’s engagement ring and a sparkling new bridal gown while carrying a friend’s bouquet as “something borrowed.” Her toenails were painted an accompaniment of “something blue.” Guests received jars of blueberry jam as a tribute to Dave Roy’s Grandmother’s fondness for the local blueberry fields.

Despite alterations in venue and storm-induced difficulties, the couple wouldn’t have changed any aspect of their special day. As Sarah Roy poignantly said, “Perhaps divine intervention made it all happen, making the day even more intimate and special. After all, how many can boast of getting married amidst a hurricane?”