STM to invest $23 million in services in 2017


by Rhonda Massad

According to the STM Annual report public transit users are in for a treat. Initiated in 2015, STM planned a strategic shift putting customer service at the top of the list.

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This year the plan is to invest $23 million in services and another $887 for asset maintenance out of their $1.4 billion budget.

Effective immediately, the STM is increasing the number of trains on the Metro’s Green, Orange and Blue lines during peak hours. Commuters can expect shorter intervals between trains during rush hour. A « 5-minute max » service until 22:30 on the Green, Orange and Blue lines as well extended service by 30 minutes on the Blue line.

STM has also promised additional bus priority measures to reach a total of 375 km, including reserved lanes and priority traffic lights, ongoing deployment of the mobile network with ten newly-connected métro stations, making a total of 40 stations and installation of 310 additional transit shelters with a modern design.

There will be a 5% increase in number of passenger rides provided by Transport adapté, to reach four million as well as 18 AZUR trains and 107 air-conditioned hybrid buses, 60 more than initially planned.

Transit user will be happy to know a full deployment of iBus is part of the plan, allowing users to track buses in real time.

For those who like to party the Métro will be open all night on December 31.