Stephen Crichton’s Bittersweet Farewell: Football Ties and Brotherly Bonds Tested


Stephen Crichton’s impending departure from Penrith is proving to be a challenging farewell, especially as he contemplates leaving his best friend Brian To’o behind. This difficult reality is slowly sinking in as they edge closer to potentially their last game as a team.

Stephen Crichton and Brian To’o have been an undeniable force in football, having catapulted Penrith, NSW, and Samoa to new heights since their debut, three months apart, back in 2019. These local juniors, turned football powerhouses, have graced the field in harmony, irrespective of their position. Their time together, however, is coming to an abrupt halt as Crichton prepares to trade his Penrith jersey for that of Canterbury in a highly profitable four-year contract starting next season.

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While the thought of future hurdles waiting at the Bulldogs is brushed aside for the moment, Crichton is devoted to giving Penrith a triumphant send-off by securing a third title in as many seasons. Regardless of the lingering farewell distress, the opportunity to repay the club and his team is what prevails in his thoughts.

The looming departure was bittersweet when Crichton stripped away the secrecy from his impending move to To’o, a testament to their special bond. Besides being great partners on the field, Crichton and To’o also share a uniquely strong bond off the field. Their friendship having grown from youthful camaraderie into a relationship that transcends even into their families and shared religious congregation.

Even with Crichton’s relocation to Penrith, the unshakeable bond remains, a sentiment echoed by To’o, “We’re not brothers by blood, but we are brothers by choice,” he expressed. Distances and separations will not dilute their relationship; they could resume as if there was never any parting, he believes.

The often-imagined future scenario of them playing on opposing sides is a thrilling prospect, with potential for teasing and banter. Notwithstanding, for now, To’o expresses happiness at Crichton securing economic stability for his family, despite it leading to their separation.

The roller coaster of emotions crash highs of happiness for Crichton’s prosperous deal, lows of his imminent departure, and touching sentimentality of their shared journey. To’o appreciates having him as a brother figure and inspirational figure. Deeper emotions accompany the pride in seeing Crichton achieve success, stemming from shared victories and cherished memories. The surrealism of their impending parting hangs heavy, but for now, they savor the fleeting moments, taking one day at a time.